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Our days are punctuated by scouting new talent, attending market appointments, and scrolling Instagram in an effort to unearth the products, people, and news you actually need to know. Here’s what we Slacked one another about this week.

Vintage Crush: Tori Jones’s Block Island Shop

If you ask me, a cute store is worth planning a trip around. And Tori Jones’s new boutique on Rhode Island’s Block Island has me researching modes of transportation to get to the quaint seven-mile isle. Considering this mid-century bamboo table lamp and a nautical vintage Wedgwood dinnerware set, it’s no surprise that Jones was previously an editor and stylist at design magazines (including Domino!). DM me with more Block Island recs. —Julia Stevens, style editor

Middle Seat: Floyd Introduces the Squishy Chair

When I first saw the Squishy Chair by Floyd, I couldn’t stop thinking about that Britney Spears song “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” Let me explain. The latest addition to the brand’s lineup is not a beanbag, but it’s not really a chair either—it’s the perfect in-between seating for plopping on the floor to watch a movie or collapsing into after a good sweat sesh. In its previous life, the Squishy was also part of post-customer plastics and foam offcuts from the Sofa. However it wants to identify, it needs a place in my living room stat. —Raven McMillan, assistant editor

Some Like It Hot: Our Place x Sin’s Limited-Edition Trivet

I’m a big believer in the gift drawer; I just try to make sure everything in it is practical and feels like it could be personal. Virginia Sin and Our Place’s limited-edition stoneware trivet checks every box—hitting that neutral handmade note and serving a necessary function to protect your pristine dining table from that very hot pot of spaghetti. Grab one for yourself, and two or three as future host gifts. —Collier Sutter, commerce editor

Spritz O’Clock: Tory Burch’s Essence of Dreams Fragrance

Out of all five of Tory Burch’s new Essence of Dreams fragrances, Cosmic Wood makes me feel like I live in Marfa, Texas, and wear denim on denim because of the desert heat—not as a fashion statement. The cocktail of cardamom, jasmine, and vetiver whisks me away to a dusty paradise, and the bottle looks chic on my bathroom shelves. —Julie Vadnal, deputy editor

All-Time High: Tulip 

I’m more of an “organized chaos” type, but when an object forces me to put everything back in a particular spot, I have no choice but to oblige. And that is certainly the case with Tulip, the new Caboodle-like container for cannabis and all its accoutrements. The streamlined design has a place for everything, even your lighters, and it locks to keep your goods safe. Needless to say, I will be preordering. —Esmé Stern, contributing editor