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Secret Storage Is All Over Urban Outfitters’s Fall Home Drop

Our fave? A curvy sofa that will tame your blanket overflow.
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Assemble of chairs, coffee tables, bookcases, stools, and more from Urban Outfitters
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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If you, like us, have a tendency to splurge on one too many trinkets throughout the year—hint: you have a shelf littered with tapers or a chest overflowing with linens—then you’re going to want to check out the three latest home collections from Urban Outfitters that dropped today. Of the 103 new pieces of furniture and accessories sporting squiggly silhouettes, bold colors, and more, here’s what not to overlook: smart, subtle storage moments. 

You’ll find cool curves in the Little Lounge line, inspired by chic hotel lobbies that’ll give your space its own staycation quality. A retro color palette is what Mod Future is all about. (A bright green bar cart? Yes, please.) If you want to keep things pared back, you’ll be drawn to the wood grains and neutrals in Self Loft. And, yes, there are still plenty of pieces from each collection designed to put your favorite wares out on display, but sometimes it’s helpful to (stylishly) close the door on clutter.

Undercover Cushion

Turquoise sofa in living room
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Turquoise sofa with hidden wood stroage compartments
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

At first glance you’d never guess that beneath the seat cushions of this compact chaise are not one but two storage compartments, each with a lid and built-in handle for easy lifting. We’re talking ample amounts of room for cozy throw blankets or a seasonal rotation of pillow covers. Plus it comes in a creamy ivory and jewel-toned turquoise. Shop the rest of the Little Lounge collection here.

Armand Storage Sofa, Urban Outfitters

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Stealth Shelves 

Olive colored headboard with hidden shelves on the side
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

This headboard’s extended depth will conceal haphazard stacks of your “to-read” list thanks to two shelves hiding behind its curvaceous corners. Choose between a powder-coated white or olive green as the backdrop to all sorts of items, not just books. At top, there’s a roomy-enough ledge to slide in your evening glass of water and a phone, lamp, or box of jewelry, especially if there isn’t quite enough space to squeeze in a nightstand between the wall and whatever bed frame you have. Shop the rest of the Mod Future collection here.

Layered Queen Storage Headboard, Urban Outfitters

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Best of Both Worlds 

Black stained wood hutch with open shelves
Courtesy of Urban Outiftters

If you’re unsure about hiding everything away but aren’t fully committed to the idea of open shelving, middle ground can be found with the Alonzo Storage Hutch. A sleek, dark finish doesn’t conceal the natural wood grain, and the nubby legs and extended shelf design are chic touches. Above, style your most prize-worthy possessions (perhaps from that summer trip abroad?); below, slide the black-stained, flat-front pine doors shut to keep other items out of sight, out of mind. Shop the rest of the Self Loft collection here.

Alonzo Storage Hutch, Urban Outfitters

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Assemble of chairs, coffee tables, wavy headboard and more
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters