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The best throw blankets are like the emotional support animals of the interior design world: Your troubles instantly recede when you wrap yourself in cozy fleece, whether you’re in front of a campfire or on the sofa with Netflix streaming. But how do you choose the right one to snuggle up with when there are endless options—from plant to animal fibers in brightly dyed or subdued palettes—and just as many ways to use them? 

For Hana Getachew, it all comes down to one feature: touch. “The feel is my number-one priority,” says the New York–based designer and owner of Bolé Road Textiles. “Is it soft? Do you enjoy the sensation on your skin?” The difficult part, she admits, is deciding what design to go for. To help narrow down the choices, we found nine throws—all as comforting as they are beautiful—that are begging to be folded just so on an armchair or casually strewn across the foot of your bed.

Our Favorites

Best knit: Coyuchi Madrone Knit Organic Throw
Best wool: Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw Blanket
Best cashmere: Quince Mongolian Cashmere Throw
Best weighted: Bearby Cotton Napper
Best patterned: Bolé Road Simien Throw
Best cotton gauze: BR Home Cotton Gauze Reversible Throw
Best linen gauze: Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Throw
Best quilted: Hawkins New York Simple Linen Quilted Throw
Best mohair: Ezcaray Matisse Throw

Best Knit: Coyuchi Madrone Knit Organic Throw

Like a cozy winter sweater, Coyuchi’s knit throw adds that extra bit of texture and warmth. It’s made from organic cotton, and the camel colorway is actually the fiber’s natural, undyed hue. 

Best Wool: Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw Blanket

Heavy enough to keep you warm in the chilliest months, this Brooklinen throw is made from lambswool in a 100-year-old family mill in Germany. Offered in two neutral colorways, the slight variation in each tone adds to the handmade look.   

Best Cashmere: Quince Mongolian Cashmere Throw

Cashmere is pricey, but Quince’s throw will cost you only $128. Even at such a reasonable price, it’s made from 100% grade-A cashmere. It’s available in five colors, from soothing ivory to deep wine. 

Best Weighted: Bearby Cotton Napper

Weighted blankets are scientifically proven to improve sleep, and with the chromatic, chunky knits from Bearaby, they can also improve your aesthetic. The Napper comes in four weight options (yours should be 10% of your body weight). While these might sound like a recipe for overheating, they’re made from breathable cotton that’s fit for even a hot summer day 

Best Patterned: Bolé Road Simien Throw

Bolé Road certainly has the best patterned throws, but it also has the best patterned…everything. Like the entire line, the Simien throw is handwoven in Ethiopia, and it’s actually inspired by the misty Ethiopian highlands. Draped across a bed, its graphic weave could single-handedly tie together an entire room. 

Best Cotton Gauze: BR Home Cotton Gauze Reversible Throw

Gauzy throws have been rising in popularity, and after trying this one myself, I am fully on board. I love how beachy BR Home’s cotton looks on my bed, and it’s so lightweight you’ll hardly know it’s there. The texture and fringe makes a solid neutral actually eye-catching, and it conveniently comes in two sizes if you’re looking for something larger than the standard 50-by-70 inches. 

Best Linen Gauze: Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Throw

Parachute’s take on linen gauze brings a relaxed look with its loose weave and rumply texture. It comes in five colors, including a unique shade of dusty violet that we’re particularly intrigued by. 

You can’t go wrong with Hawkins New York, and one of its most popular products happens to be a quilted throw. While this size is perfect for taking a nap on your sofa, its larger version, the Simple linen quilt, is ideal for covering an entire bed.  

Best Mohair: Ezcaray Matisse Throw

It’s no secret that mohair is trending, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s only one brand you need to consider: Ezcaray. The kicker is that there are almost too many incredible patterns to pick just one. But on the bright side, you can’t go wrong. To top it off, they’re made in Spain by a family-owned textile house. 

Ask Domino

If you have a king-size bed but want to add a throw blanket, how do you recommend styling it?

While we would mainly suggest using a throw blanket on a sofa due to its smaller scale, it can of course be added on a bed, too. If you have a full-size bed, you won’t run into any size issues. But once you get into queen- and king-size territory, it won’t drape down the sides as elegantly and might look slightly awkward. We recommend that you messily arrange the throw over your bed asymmetrically, casually over the corner of the mattress. You will create a relaxed, casual look, and no one will ever notice the difference in scale.

What’s the warmest material for a throw blanket?

Every textile expert we talked to agrees: Wool is the warmest material for a throw. Traditional wool can be a bit irritating to the touch and easily snags and pulls, but there are a variety of natural alternatives, blends, and manmade options to choose from today—like satin, flannel, and alpaca.

How do I clean my throw blanket?

If you’re looking to throw something in the wash, choose natural plant fibers like linen and cotton. The only downside? They patina over time, so be sure to avoid harsh detergents and heavy-duty cycles. Animal-based fibers often require extra care. Wool, for example, shrinks easily and should be sent to the dry cleaner if used regularly.