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A wool blanket is a workhorse item in every living room (and some bedrooms, too). Draped or folded over the back of a sofa or chair, it’s a simple, low-commitment way to add color and texture to a space, making any room just a bit softer—not to mention that people have been using wool to keep warm for thousands of years. A wool throw is also an ideal piece for everyone’s favorite at-home activity—we’re talking Netflix marathons.

New England–based interior designer David Ekezian (who used to work in design at L.L. Bean) loves the idea of refreshing a classic pattern with unexpected colors. “Imagine a great-quality wool blanket you might see in a Black Watch tartan or other Christmas-esque pattern, but done in a tonal gray plaid,” he says. “It’s still timeless, but it’s elegant in a new way.”

The best wool blankets are pieces you’ll look forward to pulling out for years to come—a way to mark the changing of the seasons and get into a snuggle state of mind. Read on for our picks, optimized for maximum coziness.

Our Favorites

Best Indoor-Outdoor: Pendleton Yakima Camp Thick Indoor-Outdoor Blanket

The Best Wool Blankets Option_ Pendleton Yakima Camp Thick Warm Wool Indoor_Outdoor Blanket

Dimensions: 65-by-90 inches (twin) | Colors: A variety of neutral backgrounds with stripes of primary colors | Softness level: Moderate

What we like:

  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • A classic product from a heritage brand
  • Sturdy

Worth noting:

  • Fabric can feel a bit rough

Why we chose it: Warm, durable, and ready for the campfire.

Cowboy, but make it fashion—that’s the Pendleton ethos. And it works: The brand has long been a go-to for well-made textiles in classic patterns. We like this thick-striped blanket, ideal for huddling under after making s’mores around the campfire (or getting a mid-movie snack from the kitchen).

Because this is an indoor-outdoor blanket, we suggest using it on the porch or back deck for enjoying the crisp fall and winter air while staying toasty.

Best Patterns: Zig Zag Zurich Wool Blankets

The Best Wool Blankets Option_ Zig Zag Zurich Wool Blankets

Dimensions: 55 inches to 79 inches long | Colors: Too many to count | Softness level: High

What we like:

  • Huge variety of patterns and colors
  • Most throws are under $300, with some priced even lower

Worth noting:

  • Website is great for browsing but can be tricky to navigate if you’re looking for something specific

Why we chose it: If you can think of a pattern, this company probably makes it.

Sometimes what your home needs, more than another piece of furniture or art or pottery, is a supersoft throw blanket printed with a huge, gorgeously woven tiger. If tigers aren’t your style, maybe you’d like a Pop Art–inspired floral print in shades of green and blue? Fish, a desert sunset, mushrooms growing in the woods—Zig Zag Zurich has all kinds of unique throws that make a statement. In addition to coveting these blankets for our own homes, we also think they’d make great host gifts.

These blankets are woven from New Zealand lambswool, and most are slightly longer than standard size, great for covering up from head to toe.

Best Handmade: Minna Arc Throw Rust

minna arc throw rust

Dimensions: 50-by-60 inches | Colors: Rust, sky | Softness level: Moderate

What we like:

  • Handmade from start to finish
  • Earthy colors and shapes

Worth noting:

  • Only 2 colorways to choose from

Why we chose it: Artful and abstract, these blankets are ethically handmade by a women’s cooperative in Guatemala.

Hudson, New York–based Minna works with artisans all over the world to create quality products with a backstory you can feel good about—which is why the brand has been a Domino favorite for a while now. This particular blanket is made in Guatemala by a women’s cooperative, with 100-percent natural wool fibers that are handwoven and brushed to give it a felted appearance. The rust and cream palette makes us think of early autumn mornings tramping through the woods, admiring the changing leaves.

Best Mohair: Serena & Lily Albion Mohair Throw

The Best Wool Blankets Option_ Serena & Lily Albion Mohair Throw

Dimensions: 50-by-70 inches | Colors: A few shades of blue, plus cream, pink, and a vibrant mustard yellow | Softness level: The highest

What we like:

  • Spanish mohair and merino wool are woven together for extra warmth
  • Color options feel fresh
  • A brand known for its long-lasting pieces

Worth noting:

  • Only comes in solid colors

Why we chose it: Mohair is one of the warmest blanket materials, and these are from a brand known for high style and high quality.

Serena & Lily is a brand guaranteed to pop up if you spend any time scrolling through interior design Instagram feeds, and for good reason—its classic (but not at all stuffy) products function as elevated basics that will last for years.

Here, the warmth of mohair makes for a blanket that will get the job done when it becomes really cold. Serena & Lily shines when it comes to crafting the perfect shade of blue, and the coastal blue and Capri options are no exception. We also love that they come with a detailed product-care guide to help you keep your blanket in good shape. They’re Oeko-Tex certified, meaning the manufacturing process is better for the environment.

Best Stripes: Mantas Ezcaray Matisse Throw

Matisse Throw by Ezcaray

Dimensions: 78-by-51 inches | Colors: Red, gold, orange, and blue | Softness level: High

What we like:

  • Stripes in a wide assortment of colors
  • A brand known for high-quality, heirloom pieces
  • Made in Spain

Worth noting:

  • Only available in 1 size

Why we chose it: A family-owned-and-operated business that has been producing warm, durable blankets for nearly 100 years.

Mantas Ezcaray has been making wool blankets and throws since 1930, and the brand has been using mohair in its creations since 1950. Known for fringed ends and color-blocked patterns in rich, hand-washed and dyed colors, these blankets work as throws but are generously sized. We wouldn’t say no to a set of coordinating cushion covers, either. (Psst: The Prairie Sunrise colorway is exclusively available at Goodee.)

Best Tartan: Moon Wool Plaid Throw Blanket

The Best Wool Blankets Option_ Moon Wool Plaid Throw Blanket

Dimensions: 55-by-73 inches| Colors: Shades of blue, red, cream, and gray | Softness level: Moderate

What we like:

  • Wide array of tartans and plaids in bright and muted hues
  • Available on Amazon

Worth noting:

  • Availability changes regularly

Why we chose it: When it comes to tartan, you can’t go wrong with a British brand that has been making wool blankets since the 1830s.

Tartan is hugely popular as a blanket pattern. In addition to the fact that it just feels like fall and winter, the mix of colors makes it easy to tie into just about any space. Since the pattern originated in Scotland, it makes sense that a U.K.-based brand (one that has been in operation since 1837, no less) would be our go-to in this category.

Black Watch tartan, in navy and deep green, is an unassailable classic, especially if you’re looking for a piece that will get extra use over the holidays. We also love the ’70s vibe of the teal and gold option, which combines thin stripes of cool blue with larger doses of amber and cream.

Best Chunky Knit: CB2 Overlook Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

overlook chunky white throw

Dimensions: 48-by-76 inches | Color: White | Softness level: Moderate

What we like:

  • Made in India
  • Exaggerated fringe
  • No 2 blends are alike

Worth noting:

  • May be prone to shedding
  • Wool blend

Why we chose it: A luxe hand-knit throw that walks the line between chunky and chill.

The wool blend of this throw is extremely plush, woven into a thick cloud of substantially warm fabric that one reviewer describes as feeling like “a big hug.” The chunky knit is reminiscent of something your grandmother might have made, and the neutral shade gives it a mod, yet natural update. While the cozy number comes in one size, it could easily be draped over a dark brown or navy chair or sofa for a dramatic color contrast moment, or even worn as an eye-catching statement shawl.

Best Basic: Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw

The Best Wool Blankets Option_ Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw

Dimensions: 50-by-70 inches | Color: A mix of solids and plaids | Softness level: High

What we like:

  • Blend of wool and cashmere is ultrasoft
  • Variety of colors and patterns
  • Good quality for the price point

Worth noting:

  • A little thinner than some of our other picks

Why we chose it: If you want to keep it simple, Garnet Hill’s blankets come in classic colors and patterns at an affordable price point. 

Soft, durable, and available in a curated assortment of colors and patterns, this blanket is sure to become a living room standby. The blend of wool and cashmere feels like wrapping up in your favorite sweater, and the colors are on trend but classic enough to work year after year—think: inky navy blue, rich plum, and a tartan rendered in shades of pumpkin spice.

At $129 for the solid-color version and $149 for the plaids, this is also one of our most affordable picks, from a brand known for its long-lasting textiles.

Mohair Is Having a Moment

Mohair, which comes from mohair goats, is everywhere, in all kinds of colors, right now. A few of our favorites on the market: The cool, tranquil blue-gray Forest color from abc carpet & home; a psychedelic take from Jonathan Adler; and Yves Klein Blue and black stripes from Tekla.

Our Shopping Checklist


The world of wool is as wide as it is warm, so how do you know whether to go with merino, alpaca, cashmere, or something else entirely? Mohair and alpaca are both hardy and insulating, so you might want to look for blankets in those fabrics if your goal is maximum warmth and durability. Merino and lambswool are known as some of the softest wools, which makes them great picks if you’re looking for a lighter blanket to cuddle up with. Cashmere is widely associated with luxury, and a cashmere blanket is almost certain to feel dreamy, though it is a fabric that needs to be handled gently.


When it comes to throw blankets, 50-by-70 inches is pretty much the industry standard. If you’re looking for something that can serve double duty as a bed blanket, shop for one that comes in a size big enough to cover your mattress.


A thicker mohair or alpaca blanket will keep you warmer than a lighter merino weave, which makes the latter an ideal year-round option. If a blanket is advertised as just “wool” with no other descriptors, that usually means it’s sheep’s wool. While sheep’s wool can be a little scratchy, it’s also been used to keep people warm for thousands of years and gets the job done well.

Ask Domino

Q: What’s the best way to wash a wool blanket?

Most wool blankets are dry-clean only, though you might be able to find one with enough other materials blended in that it can go in the washing machine. To keep your blanket in shape between cleanings, regular brushing (more on that in a minute!) and spot treating any spills or stains helps.

Q: Is fleece the same as wool?

Fleece is a cozy material you’ll see used for both blankets and clothing meant for cold-weather use. The difference is simple: Wool is a natural fiber, while fleece is a manmade material.

Q: Will I need to replace a wool blanket within a few years?

It depends on how much use it gets! One of the great things about wool is that if it’s cared for properly, it can last for decades. Still, a throw in high-use parts of the house should be retired if you notice that it starts to get scratchier as time passes.

Q: What’s the best process for brushing a wool blanket?

Lay your blanket flat on the floor and brush along the grain of the fiber. This will help loosen dirt or crumbs and keep the fibers flat, which makes them less likely to fray or tear.

Q: How can I protect a wool blanket from moths?

Many of us have experienced the heartbreak of pulling out a favorite sweater, only to discover it dotted with holes created by hungry moths during the off-season. If you put your wool throws away in warmer months, you can protect them from moths by storing in an airtight plastic bag or container. There are tons of moth-repellent sprays on the market, and treating your blanket with one of these before you pack it can offer extra security.

The Last Word

The best wool blankets do double duty, keeping you warm while adding visual interest to your space. Whether your taste leans toward classic or trendy, handmade or bold, there’s a wool blanket on our list that will become a go-to item in your living room for years to come.