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There’s certainly a time and place for razor-thin glassware. Nothing compares to the sensation of lifting a delicate coupe that’s as light as air. But sometimes a chunky, heavyweight number is what’s truly satisfying. Not only do these seemingly indestructible vessels make the cocktail ritual feel less fussy, they’re often more modern and sculptural than what’s found in your average bar cabinet. We’re basically thinking of these contemporary designs as not-your-grandma’s glassware. 

Case in point: London-based brand LSA just released new additions to its Boris collection, which sports a serious chunk factor that has Domino editors oohing and ahhing. Expect mouth-blown vessels with thick cylindrical stems, spanning champagne, martini, and Nick & Nora sizes, as well as a liqueur glass set (comprised of essentially the most adorable shot glasses on the planet). 

Courtesy of LSA International

LSA Boris Collection

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Chunky Glassware for Wine

While wine aficionados might want specific stemware to enhance their pour, more casual drinkers will enjoy these funky finds. Bormioli Rocco’s are an editor favorite; they’re the most stackable, inexpensive, and dishwasher-friendly ones on the market.

Chunky Glassware for Cocktails

Different cocktails require different vessels, and we’ve found a chunky version of each, whether you prefer rocks, highballs, or martinis. We’re still not over the price of Urban Outfitters’s Dory glass, serving up a groovy curved silhouette along with the drink of the hour.