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You’ve gone through the whole hassle of finding a new place, getting a certified check for your deposit, and finally signing a lease—but the stress is far from over. The next obstacle is actually moving all your stuff. Tensions are pretty much guaranteed to run high, but as it turns out, what’s really causing you all that agita is totally avoidable. A new survey, conducted by furniture brand Article and OnePoll, asked 2,000 Americans about their biggest stressors in the moving process, and the results are pretty enlightening.

As it turns out, the number-one moving stressor can be alleviated with some simple (and free!) time management—a whopping 45 percent of people said that they leave packing until the last minute, resulting in a fair amount of anxiety. Other major stressors, however, are a little more complicated to sidestep—37 percent said their furniture didn’t fit in their new space, and 36 percent attempted to do everything alone. Yikes. Also on the list: not saving enough money and getting new furniture delivered late.

The good news is that with some preplanning, these other annoyances are still totally avoidable. The next time you plan to move house, try not to procrastinate—and not just when it comes to putting things in boxes. Invest in a good tape measure to size up the walls (and doorways and stairwells!) before you buy anything. Similarly, don’t commit to a purchase until you’ve checked the delivery time frame—bigger furniture like sofas and dressers can sometimes take weeks to arrive, and you don’t want to be caught without a place to sit for days on end. And don’t be afraid to ask your friends to lend a hand (pro tip: bribe them with pizza and beer), which will not only get you some much-needed help but save you money on movers. See? You’ll be housewarming ready in no time.

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