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Would You Move to a Zoom Town?

Remote work has inspired yet another real-estate trend.
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Over the past six months, the real-estate market has transformed dramatically: After half a year spent primarily in their place of residence, people are downsizing or upgrading, moving to a new city or heading out to the suburbs—and reimagining what their dream home really looks like. One new trending location, in particular, has stemmed from the increasing popularity of remote work: Zoom towns.

While the phrase may sound like some kind of video-centric social networking platform, its application is straightforward, as NPR reports. Zoom towns are places that typically attracted home buyers looking to invest in vacation properties but are now seeing an influx of more permanent residents. Since many more people currently have the option of working remotely, they no longer have to worry about their daily commute—and therefore don’t have to live close to the office. One California mountain town called Truckee, which is located close to Lake Tahoe, exemplifies this trend, showing a 23 percent increase in its housing market compared to last year, according to Redfin, and a similar uptick of interest in New York’s Catskills mountains gives it further credence.

When you can live in the place you love most without having to sacrifice your work life, either by committing to an arduous commute or giving up a job opportunity because of location, there’s a lot of incentive to make the big move. And it’s all the more compelling if you can nab a space that has enough room for you to work from home in peace and comfort—extra points for a home theater, too.

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