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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

The prospect of working remotely for the foreseeable future has inspired many people to finally put together their perfect WFH station, whether they’re going all out and constructing an entirely new structure in their backyard to serve as a home office or simply opting for a more temporary solution. Thanks to those on the latter end of that spectrum, furniture rentals are taking off, and remote work essentials like desks and ergonomic chairs are the most in-demand pieces of all.

Feather, a rental furniture company that serves the New York metropolitan area, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, reported a 400 percent increase in demand for home office furniture since March, while Fernish, which serves Los Angeles, Orange County, California, and the Seattle area, reported a 300 percent spike. The trend has taken hold internationally, as well—in Japan, Muji is developing a furniture subscription with an emphasis on office needs, in response to the 70 percent of Japanese workers who have expressed a desire to continue working remotely even after the pandemic subsides. And IKEA is getting into the rental model, too, as it announced in April it would be testing leasing options in a few European countries, including Poland, Switzerland, and Sweden.

The try-before-you-buy option is especially appealing to anyone who wants to make sure that that “ergonomic” desk chair actually holds up to back-to-back Zoom meetings, or those who don’t necessarily imagine themselves working remotely any longer than absolutely necessary but still want to create the perfect setup for this current moment. After all, a reliable desk and chair are two small things that can create a sense of normalcy and productivity—even if they’re something borrowed. Here are a few of our favorite rental pieces for creating your ideal WFH arrangement.

Brown desk
Lorimer Desk, Feather ($25/month)

With its classic mid-century style and walnut finish, this frills-free desk can easily be tucked into the corner of a living room or bedroom without standing out.

Gray desk chair
Octavia Desk Chair, Feather ($15/month)

For a seat that’s comfortable yet doesn’t scream “place of business,” the Octavia desk chair’s rounded silhouette is a great option.

Simple black desk
Trivia Desk, Fernish ($21/month)

The powder-coated metal top of this desk makes it a great pick for more modern aesthetics.

Highback Office Chair, Fernish ($10/month)

With its tall, padded back, this chair offers the full (back) support a long workday requires.

Brown shelf with built-in desk
Ogden Desk, Feather ($14/month)

If you need a little more storage space, consider a desk with a built-in shelf.

Brown desk chair
Rexford Desk Chair, Feather ($17/month)

Sleek metal arms and warm brown upholstery make this seat both charming and comfortable.

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