Published on April 6, 2020

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Photography by Nicole Franzen

Working from home comes with many pros and cons—something most of us have discovered in recent weeks. Pro: You can get from your bed to your desk in under five minutes (and get a few extra minutes of shut-eye). Con: Even the best Zoom calls can’t compare to an in-person meeting (especially when everyone tries to talk at once). Pro: Many meetings can actually be put into an email. Con: Your posture is suffering.

Whether you’ve set up an “office” in bed, on the couch, or at the kitchen table, you’re not getting the same ergonomic support of a good desk chair. Rattan seats are cute, but they aren’t exactly made for sitting on for days on end. And bar stools are great for happy hour—but not for eight hours. To help save your back (and avoid future physio sessions), we asked 10 interior designers to share their favorite task chairs for working from home. 

If All You Want Right Now Is a Hug

I love this monochromatic option because it’s insanely comfortable. The curved design is basically a glorified hug, plus it’s affordable and perfect for any small home office. —Jeremiah Brent, interior designer

If You Have a Small Space

This chair is a favorite of mine for smaller apartment workspaces. The silhouette is stylish and comfortable yet space-saving thanks to its slim, no-fuss design. The last thing you want in a tighter environment is a seat too large that ends up getting in your way. —Megan Hopp, interior designer

If You Believe in the Power of a Red Lip

I love the color first and foremost, because I think all rooms need a pop of red. It’s like putting lipstick on even if you’re not wearing any other makeup—and who’s wearing makeup while social distancing? For the price point, it’s got good adjustability. —Lizzie Bailey, interior designer

If You’re a Sci-Fi Fan

This chair has a wide range of ergonomic adjustments that make WFH as comfortable as possible. You can adjust the height, recline position, arms, and backrest, which is great for all shapes and sizes. I’m really short, so being able to adjust my seat and armrest height is paramount to having my core supported and reducing back pain. Aesthetically, I love the Star Trek vibe. —Becky Shea, interior designer

If You Want the Best of Both Worlds

I love Poppin’s simple design because it feels more aesthetically in line with a residential interior, but it still offers the benefits of an ergonomic office chair.  —Allison Petty, design director at Hyphen & Co.

If You Need Your Seat to Play Double Duty

I love the Harbour chair by Menu by Norm Architects because it can suit a range of purposes. We used it at Maison as seating for group meetings, for dining, and for working. It’s also super-comfortable and elegant to look at. —Jessica Kamel, founder of Ronen Lev

If You Need to Rest Your Arms

This is the one I have in my office. I love it because it doesn’t specifically look like a desk chair, and most important, it’s comfortable. I like that it has arms where you can rest your elbows while typing.  —Jessica Davis principal at Atelier Davis

If You Have a Flair for the Dramatic

I’m really into the color green right now. Add a channel back and I am in love. Having a chair that swivels is helpful in that it lets you turn around easily rather than pushing back.”—Sara Gilbane Sullivan, interior designer

If You’re Not Into the Corporate Look

One thing I’ve learned is that upholstered dining chairs with arms are often more comfortable than ones sold for the office and more appealing—especially if your desk is in your living room or bedroom. This option offers a relaxed but sophisticated look and comes in hundreds of different fabrics. I would add a soft lumbar pillow for ultimate comfort. —Sean Leffers, interior designer

If You Want a No-Waste Option

All of the seats in our Wing spaces are both beautiful and comfortable when you’re sitting for extended periods of time. We love the Marcel Breuer Cesca chairs because they are functional and stylish. A nice trick is adding a sheepskin to the seat to lend a little more cushion for all those Zoom calls. Chairish has a ton of options, and the beauty is that it’s local, so if you have wipes and a mode of transportation, you can easily pick them up. They start at around $85. —Laetitia Gorra, head of interior design at The Wing

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