Turn Any Room Into an Office With These Double-Duty Desks

WFH has never been easier.

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Home offices were once a heap of bulky IBM monitors, printers, scanners, and fax machines. Often housed in the smallest spare bedroom, the setup looked more like a scary server room, complete with wires everywhere and bulky black leather office chairs that looked terrible (but were great for posture!). That was then.

Today, laptops fit into most handbags, and people are working remotely more than ever. The once-ubiquitous separate workspace has been replaced by our beds, kitchen islands, and sofas. But just because square footage is at a premium doesn’t mean you can’t have a designated spot to tackle your to-do list. Compact, multipurpose furniture can tuck into all different corners of our apartments. Have a wide entryway? Turn your console into a makeshift HQ. No space for a vanity, a dresser, and a desk? Find a three-in-one piece. Here are a few options for every room.

In the Entryway

Your entrance hall may not be the most obvious place for an office, but if you can fit a console, chances are there’s room for a desk. Swap your existing piece for a narrow, leggy unit, and then slide a stool underneath. A discreet drawer can house all your essentials—wireless mouse and keyboard, pens, notebooks—when not in use. 

In the Bedroom

Go for a triple threat: A piece that has at least one drawer for hair tools and beauty products (or even for extra clothes), a mirror built right in (or a low profile so you can hang one above), and, of course, a clear surface for meeting those deadlines.

In the Living Room

A desk in the living room can be bulky and disruptive. But what if it were part of your vertical storage? Trade a bookcase for one with an integrated workstation. It’ll blend seamlessly into your decor and you can easily switch your MacBook for a flower arrangement when guests come over.

In the Dining Room

Whether you have a dining room or just a breakfast nook, these designs can masquerade as regular tables for entertaining (or just scarfing down cereal). 

In the Kitchen

Kitchens aren’t typically known to have tons of extra square footage to play with, but if you have one empty wall, you can squeeze in a workspace. These barely there wall-mounted desks can fold up in seconds and store writing utensils, envelopes, and even a small collection of cookbooks. Hang one at counter height, add a stool, and you’ve also got yourself a makeshift breakfast bar.

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