By Nikhita Mahtani

Published on June 13, 2018

Courtesy of TARGET

Think you don’t have room for an office desk in your home? While yes, smaller spaces can often be challenging to actually have entire home offices in (unfortunately, you just don’t have the adequate square footage), you can always squeeze in a small little nook—trust us.

These days, there so many (mostly affordable) brands out there that make use of clever ways to maximize your space—think super thin dimensions, portable wheels for stowing, and built-in storage. Ahead, check out our very favorite desks for small spaces, and get ready to want to WFH every day.


Mid-Century Fold Out Desk, Urban Outfitters, $399

Solid wood gives this mid-century desk a rustic touch, and the foldable nature of it allows it to double as a dresser or side table in super small living rooms and bedrooms. The writing area also includes a hidden drawer for extra storage space.

Courtesy of IKEA

Bekant Desk, Ikea, $219

Despite the fact that it offers a generous surface area for work, this Ikea staple is incredibly thin. It would fit perfectly in a little nook of your room where you have just enough space for a small workstation, and it’s also thin enough to be stored with ease. But don’t be fooled by its size: This desk is also surprisingly durable, and stain-resistant to boot.

Courtesy of CB2

Stairway White 96-Inch Desk, CB2, $399 

Mount this sturdy desk against a wall, and you’ll never even know it’s there. The shelves reach a CB2 record high of over 8 feet, and the clean white finish makes for a modern feel. This desk is also really narrow (20 inches), so you never have to worry about having enough space for it, but it makes clever use of wall space for you to store your favorite books and stationery.

Courtesy of TARGET

Loring Writing Desk, Target, $104.49

Target’s Project 62 line was designed with small spaces in mind, and this desk makes use of all the tips and tricks we’ve come to expect from the inventive retailer. Outlets and USB ports are housed secretly in the back, the foldable base lets it double as a showcase, and the hidden drawers allow for a clutter-free, clean aesthetic.

Courtesy of WAYFAIR

Hollow Core Writing Desk, Wayfair, $149

Part desk, part bookcase, this seriously stylish find has a total of 12 cubicles for storage and a workspace area that is fairly large, sans taking up precious floor space.

Courtesy of WEST ELM

Modern Wall Desk, West Elm, $999

A minimalist’s delight, this Scandi-inspired desk has so much built-in shelving, ideal for storing all sorts of knicknacks. The wood legs are angled in such a way that the desk itself won’t take up too much of your precious floor space, while the drawers keep your messy papers hidden from sight.

Courtesy of CB2

Go-Cart White Rolling Counter Table-Stand Up Desk, CB2, $179

Talk about a multipurpose item: First off, this sleek white option will go with literally any decor. And because of its easy-to-move wheels, you can cart it around your home and use it in a multitude of ways in many different rooms—a standing desk in your bedroom, an island in your kitchen, or even a bar cart in your living room. The possibilities are truly endless.

Courtesy of ARTICLE

Oscuro Walnut Desk, Article, $599

A walnut veneer gives this desk a sophisticated look, and it’s also full of little details that make it great for small spaces. For instance, the hidden power cord means you don’t need to place it near an outlet in order to charge your laptop, and it has two concealed (and fairly deep) compartments to store your odds and ends.


Lacourte Upright Desk, Williams Sonoma Home, $3,500

Okay, we admit this one errs on the expensive side, but it’s a truly stylish, multipurpose item that has so many hidden nooks and crannies, it’s pretty much the only piece of furniture you’ll need in a tiny living room. Closed up, this item looks like a stylish dresser but opened, it’s a desk and shelving unit in one. The cubbies are removable while the side shelves are adjustable, allowing for a customized look that’s all your own.

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