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No matter how many times you KonMari your apartment, there are some things you simply have to hang onto. Paper towels, computer chargers, coffee filters, and Wi-Fi routers are all a part of life. But there’s a magical place dedicated to concealing these unsexy items: Yamazaki Home

If you don’t already own a piece or two from the Japanese housewares brand, you’ve likely come across them at one of its stockists like West Elm or Amazon. Easily spotted thanks to signature white steel and ash wood accents, the items offer a clean, minimal look that couldn’t be further from the clutter they clear up. 

In addition to creatively concealing your eyesores, plenty of Yamazaki pieces are made to actually display the stuff you want to see. A discreet under-cabinet organizer, restaurant-style stemware racks, and a magnetic storage caddy all keep your prettier objects where guests can see them and inevitably encourage you to reach for them more often in your daily life. You could spend all day browsing the endless smart solutions on the site, but we’ll help you cut to the chase with our roundup of the top 10 that thrill us the most. 

Our Favorite Yamazaki Home Products

Under-Shelf Organizer

The kitchen counter is precious real estate, but what about all that open air right above it? This organizer magically adds another surface to your kitchen with its slide-on design and is far easier to install than a wall-mounted spice rack (we’re talking to you, renters!). And if you’re tucking your pretty oils and spices in your cabinet, this is an ideal landing spot to show them off.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

This magnetic paper towel holder has followed me around from apartment to apartment, as it conveniently mounts to the side of my fridge. If you’re short on storage or don’t want your paper towels to be a focal point, it’s an easy way to keep them out of the way. 

Two-Tier Dish Rack

Freeing up counter space is a trend at Yamazaki. If you also happen to lack a dishwasher, this rack is the answer. Managing shopping editor Samantha Weiss-Hills picked one up for her pocket-size kitchen right before the pandemic, and she’s glad she did; cooking at home for months produced mountains of plates and prep bowls to wash. “The double-decker design makes room for so many more dishes than you think,” she says. “And our countertops are dark, so the black color camouflages the whole thing. The steel, resin, and silicone construction has held up for nearly four years with little wear, and it’s easy to clean since the components come apart.” 

Over-the-Door Hook

I bought this when prepping my apartment for a subletter in an effort to give her more places to hang clothing. I had never seen anything like it; the hook folds up and down and can hold up to six hangers. Now that she’s gone, I’ll use it for planning outfits for trips, hanging dry cleaning, and storing guests’ coats. I didn’t want a hook to take up wall space that I frankly don’t have, and a door is a perfect place to make use of.  

Under-Shelf Stemware Holder

Another handy kitchen piece is Yamazaki’s under-shelf stemware holder. Weiss-Hills has limited cabinet space and supplements storage for her glassware and serveware with Muji SUS shelves. The steel holder slides easily onto and snugly fits the 0.70-inch thick shelves, and the white colorway all but disappears. Weighing in at just a pound, each one holds up to 4.4 pounds and keeps six glasses from getting dusty.

Toilet Supplies Stocker

No bathroom ever looked better with a toilet brush out in the open. And Yamazaki’s towerlike shelf conceals it along with other cleaning supplies; all you see is a sleek ash wood panel. At just 5 inches wide, its narrow design is built to fit in the space between your toilet and the wall. To top things off, it offers a small surface to leave your phone or even a little plant.

Under Desk Cable & Router Storage Rack

Cords can get messy. And for those who work from home, you’re likely looking for ways to minimize the office vibes as much as possible. Yamazaki’s under-desk rack clamps on to hold everything from a router to a power strip to a charger, so you can say goodbye to tangles and dust bunnies.

Rolling Storage Cart

It’s amazing what you can do with just a 5-inch-wide space. This rolling cart can wheel in and out of an awkward nook almost like a drawer and holds bottles up to 13 inches tall in its bottom section.

Magnetic Storage Caddy

Just like the magnetic paper towel holder, the storage caddy is a great way to make use of your unused fridge exterior. Add items you use all the time, like go-to olive oil or salt and pepper shakers, so that they’re always in reach. Plus the wood dowel gives it a little style that, in the spirit of Marie Kondo, definitely sparks joy.

Magnetic Coffee Filter Case

You probably didn’t know that reaching for a coffee filter could be a satisfying ritual. But we’re not talking about the paper packages from the grocery store—decanting your filters into Yamazaki’s magnetic holder not only looks better, it prevents your filters from getting wrinkled. Plus that’s one less thing to fit into your cabinet.