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They certainly didn’t look like the world’s most comfortable pillows—the pair arrived flat as pancakes, vacuum-sealed in plastic. But currently No. 12 on Amazon’s bedroom best-seller list, the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillows have racked up more than 6,800 reviews and mustered an average 4.5 star rating. At just $35 for a pack of two, I was definitely intrigued. 

Gel Pillow (2-Pack), Beckham Hotel Collection ($50)

I’m not a particularly finicky sleeper, but I am a dramatic one. The setting matters: I like to doze off surrounded by no fewer than four massive pillows, so I can sleep propped up as if I’m in a ritzy hotel. Of those pillows, the majority have to be on the firmer side to accommodate the neck pains I’ve recently welcomed, collateral damage from staring down at a laptop all day. I have nothing but love for my existing cushions, but it was time for a change; the National Sleep Foundation recommends you swap them out every one to two years, and mine were way past their expiration date. These Amazon ones had a lot to live up to. 

After I had freed them from their packaging, they immediately began to fluff up, and one hour later they were ready to roll. I was pleasantly surprised with how sink-y (a very technical term) they were when I first leaned into them, but after a few minutes, they squished way down. I stacked them on top of each other in an effort to make them more substantial, and off to sleep I went.


The main selling point is their composition. Made from poly gel fiber, the pillows are totally allergen- and chemical-free; anyone who suffers from asthma or other respiratory problems will breathe easier. They’re also low-maintenance—when it’s time to wash them, you can simply pop them in the machine to freshen them up. This, coupled with the fact that the filling is also mite- and mold-resistant, means that these should last longer than your average pillow. 

For anyone with allergies and for those who prefer a pillow on the softer side (hello, stomach sleepers), Beckham Hotel Collection’s products are a pretty good deal. (Plus, at just $35 a pair, you can spring for a pretty luxe pillowcase as well.) I still prefer something with more support, so I found my happy medium by making sure the other two pillows on my bed were firmer. Here are some other Domino-approved options: 

Spend $30 more…

Original Casper Pillow, Casper ($65)

Casper’s pillow-in-a-pillow design offers the best of both worlds—firm and soft—and boasts cooling percale weaving that will make hot sleepers happy. It’s a pretty risk-free buy: You can test it out for up to 100 days to see how your slumber changes with the purchase. 

Spend $50 more… 

Down Pillow, Parachute ($89)

With a sateen shell and premium European white down interior, Parachute’s pick is definitely luxurious. Choose your ideal density at checkout for custom snoozing. 


Spend $110 more…

Montreux 3-Chamber Pillow, Matouk ($144)

Matouk’s down pieces are all Downpass Certified, which means that they use sustainable and ethical production processes. If you’re ready for an investment, they’re definitely worth the splurge. 

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