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It’s Sleep Awareness Week and in honor of that, we’re talking all things snoozing. We’ve already learned the best of the best tips to a good night’s sleep, the PJs that can help you go to sleep faster (and stay asleep longer) and even the sheets that’ll help keep your slumber sound. And now it’s time to chat all about the pillowcases that can help you look your best.

You probably know that taking off your makeup every night is important for healthy skin while you sleep. But your linens—especially your pillowcases—can also make a difference in regards to how your skin and hair look day to day. It’s said to even affect how you age in general.

First, did you know that your weekly sheet change may not be enough to keep your skin clear? You should actually change your pillowcase at least a couple of times a week. Dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner says that dirt, oil, sweat, pollution, and makeup accumulate on our skin, and “unfortunately we don’t wash our faces as well as we should (or at all) at the end of the day.”

As a result, he explains that all of this can be transferred to your pillowcase, which, in turn, contaminates your face. “Dirty pillowcases can lead both to acne breakouts from blocked pores or even irritation and skin inflammation from rubbing against your face,” he says. If that doesn’t entice you to add another case to your laundry mix, what will?

Ahead, the best beauty paraphernalia you need to take your pillow game to the next level.

Night Pillow, $150

Let’s start with the pillow itself. “If your pillow is too high, then your head will be propped up too high as well, bending the neck, which presses the chin against the chest,” explains Stalina Glot, Senior Esthetician at Haven Spa in NYC. “The muscle fibers will tighten, which delays lymphatic fluid to drain properly throughout the body,” she explains.

To that end, the Night Pillow was engineered to promote restorative sleep, thanks to a self-adjusting, hypoallergenic memory foam that is lighter, airier, and fluffier than anything on the market—without being overly bulky. The custom-fit silk pillowcase creates optimal moisture levels for your skin and hair—minimizing bed head and hair breakage, and promoting clean, hydrated skin. Plus, the signature black hue negates light, acting like a built-in sleep mask. To reap the benefits of the Night Pillow, however, you must not cover it with a separate pillowcase, and you should wash it in its special mesh bag.

Iluminage Copper Pillowcase, $60

If you’re happy with your current pillow and just want to up your beauty benefits the simple way, it’s all about a silky pillowcase. Iluminage’s iteration incorporates anti-aging copper via fibers carefully embedded with technology derived from the mineral. This pillowcase comes in standard and king sizes and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin in as little as four weeks’ time.

Shhh Silk Pillowcase, $129 and up 

Favored by Kim Kardashian West, this blowout extender comes in a variety of prints and shades, but we’re especially fond of the marvelous marble print in white and black. In addition to hair benefits, silk helps your pillow feel chillier, in a good way, so that both sides are the cool side.

“Your body has to drop three degrees to hit REM so do what you can to help facilitate this,” says Night Pillow co-founder Kalle Simpson. To achieve your most restful sleep possible, she recommends avoiding exercising late in the evening (exercising raises core body temperature), turning down your room temperature to 60-69 degrees, or sleeping in the nude.

Slip Silk Pillowcase, $79

If color coordination is vital, then look no further than the Slip. This pillowcase comes in tons of shades and prints, and helps your skin stay more hydrated so you get all the beauty benefits of your nighttime skincare regimen. Plus, it helps your blowout last longer. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also made with non-toxic dyes.

Added bonus: Courtney Akai, owner of the eponymous lash boutique in New York City, says that using a silk or satin pillowcase helps eyelash extensions stay on longer in between applications. “Eyelash extensions can catch onto the fabric of a regular cotton pillowcase,” she explains. “A silk or satin one helps prevent crushing, depending on how hard a sleeper you are.”

Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Pillow, $79

This pillow, exclusive to Net-A-Porter, boasts an odd shape, but is designed to support the neck and lumbar muscles, allowing for more sound sleep. The satin covering allows skin to retain its natural moisture and oils, minimizing the creation and appearance of sleep wrinkles.

Skin Laundry Silver Ion Pillowcase, $30

Fun fact: During sleep, your pillowcase absorbs your face’s oil, dirt, germs, and dead skin cells. But with charged silver ion technology, like the kind found in Skin Laundry’s pillow, it can reduce blemish-causing bacteria by up to 99 percent with natural anti-microbial tech. So, basically, you can get clearer, cleaner skin while you sleep. Talk about beauty sleep.

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