9 Tips to Get Prettier While You Sleep

Just close your eyes, and let these tricks do the work for you.
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Considering that most days we’re too busy to wash our hair (dry shampoo to the rescue!) any beauty hacks that can take place while we’re sleeping are essentially little miracles. If we can manage to wake up with fewer wrinkles, softer skin, and better hair, we’ll obviously take it. Here are nine tips to get even more gorgeous while you’re simply sleeping the night away—which, as you know, helps in the beauty department, too.

8 Tips to Get Prettier While You Sleep face scrub
Courtesy of Sunday Riley

Scrub the day off

First things first: Wash your face before climbing under the covers. This is nothing new, but it really does play a major role in how your skin looks the next day. Plus, as the seasons change, you’ll want to take note and adjust your routine along with the weather. When it’s warmer, use lightweight moisturizers and gentle cleansers, and when it’s seriously cold, double-down on cleansing oils and heavier creams.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, Sephora.com, $45

8 Tips to Get Prettier While You Sleep night cream
Courtesy of Verso

Apply a night cream that works overtime

While you sleep, your skin repairs itself, and using a night cream helps it do its job well. Choose a cream to help keep wrinkles at bay, even out skin tone, and reverse the signs of aging. We personally love Verso’s Night Cream, which has Retinol 8, a stabilized Vitamin A complex that helps to both calm and repair the skin.

Verso Night Cream, Barneys.com$100

Courtesy of Lancome

Exfoliate while you snooze

Sweet dreams were made of this…overnight exfoliating peel. Exfoliation is just as important as moisturizing for hydrated, smooth skin. If you choose the right one, like Lancome’s Absolute Precious Cells Rose Drop Night Peeling Concentrate, you can wake up impossibly fresh face. The secret is picking one that is gentle enough to stay on the skin for eight hours, but still effective enough for a fresh difference come morning.

Lancome Absolute Precious Cells Rose Drop Night Peeling Concentrate, Lancome-usa.com, $110

8 Tips to Get Prettier While You Sleep copper pillowcase
Courtesy of Illuminage

Try a copper-infused pillowcase

What if we told you that you could fight fine lines by simply lying down on your pillowcase? Well, as long as you invest in a pillowcase that is infused with copper, you can do just that. The copper ions are transferred to the skin while you sleep to support the skin’s natural renewal process, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Illuminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, Sephora.com$60

Courtesy of Kora Organics

Boost your eye cream

Puffy under-eye circles are seriously annoying. Maxing out on eye cream or oil is, of course, one of the best methods to reduce this problem area while you sleep. For even more intense overnight benefits, stick the jar in your fridge—it will feel like a spa treatment.

Kora Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil, Koraorganics.com, $38

Courtesy of BelleSha

Put a sock on it

For better looking feet by morning, get in the habit of wearing hydrating socks, like BellaSha moisturizing socks to bed. Or, in the colder seasons, apply a heavy cream to your feet before bed and then pull on thick socks. The warmth of the socks will help the cream absorb (which is exactly the philosophy behind the softening socks) so when you wake up, your feet will be silky smooth.

Moisturizing Socks, BellaSha, Amazon.com$10

Courtesy of Space NK

Revive your strands

Who has time to deep condition each week? Didn’t think so. If you apply the mask before bed and then sleep with it on, you seriously boost the benefits. If you’re worried about a mess on your pillow, simply put a towel over your pillowcase or pull your hair up into a bun and wrap a scarf around it to contain the product.

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender, Spacenk.com$47

8 Tips to Get Prettier While You Sleep humidifier
Courtesy of Dyson

Invest in a humidifier

Layering on night creams and hair masks can do plenty of good for your overall appearance, but sometimes it just comes down to the quality of the air. If you find that your skin tends to be dry or itchy, investing in a humidifier will help soothe it. By adding moisture back into the air, it helps put moisture back into your skin.

Dyson HumidifierDyson.com$499.99

8 Tips to Get Prettier While You Sleep sleep mask
Courtesy of Slip

Create an environment where you can actually sleep

It’s obviously important to get quality rest to wake up looking rested. If your struggle is tuning the world out, stop checking emails and Instagram underneath the covers. If light and noise are issues, get a silk sleep mask (luxe!) and a sound machine—you can even download a sound machine app on your phone.

Slip Silk Sleep MaskNet-a-Porter.com$45

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