Published on August 6, 2017

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Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN
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Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

If you have trouble sleeping, we feel you. The frustrating tossing back and forth in the middle of the night as you watch the hours tick by is the literal worst. But have you tried a sleep spray? Some of the most sound sleepers in the world swear by them for their abilities to reduce nighttime anxiety and soothe you to sleep.

The typical mist usually contains some blend of water, herbal ingredients, and essential oils, such as lavender. The idea is that you spritz it on your sheets and pillows right before hoping in bed, then breathe in as you fall asleep. All of the sprays in this list are essential oil based, but each one has a different mixture the creators swear by for sleep magic.

Magic? Well, let Ceceil Mendal from the essential oil expert company, Little Moon Essentials, explain, “Olfactory sensations are processed in the same part of the brain that is responsible for emotions and memories. In studies, the essential oils used in sleep products have been found the most effective at promoting feelings of sleepiness and relaxation.”

We scoured the market for your sleeping well needs and found our favorites. Tell us if we forgot one you swear by for the ZZZs.

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Photography by This Works

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works ($29) is a cult classic. It’s basically The Beatles of the sleep world, so count on this to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed. It contains an essential oil blend of lavender, vetivert, and chamomile to calm both mind and body, soothing you to sleep. And 97 percent of people that tried it in a closed study found they slept better using it.

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Photography by Calm

Calm Sleep Mist ($29) takes the concept one step further, and pairs the spray with a bedtime story. The mist is a brand new sleep spray from the popular meditation and sleep stories app Calm. The concept is to pair the Sleep Mist with Sleep Stories- bedtime stories for grownups-for the ultimate relaxing environment. Co-CEO of Calm, Michael Acton Smith, says, “Sleep Stories have been incredibly popular as there is something very comforting and relaxing about being read a soothing story while tucked up in bed. To make them even more effective we decided to create a scent to pair with the story.”  

The mist is a mix of lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and clary sage, which pairs beautifully while listening to a story set in the lavender fields of Provence. “It’s a very effective way to calm a racing mind and help you drift off naturally,” says Smith.

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Photography by Saje

Saje Sleep Well Restful Sleep Face and Body Mist ($19.95) is unique because it’s meant for your face and body, rather than your pillow. The spray has a mix of lavender (calms the mind), roman chamomile (supports peaceful thoughts and relaxes the body), and valerian (a prized herb for calming and relaxing). Mist body as desired, and face with eyes and mouth closed, inhaling deeply.

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Photography by Little Moon Essentials

Little Moon Essentials Sleep Comes Easy Mist ($6.30) is handmade in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, by a company that has specialized in essential oil mixes since 1994 (they are essential oil mixologists). Ceceil Mendal at Little Moon Essentials says the mist (a mix of bergamot, chamomile, lavender, and lemon) was “created because there weren’t many natural remedies out there to help people naturally fall asleep. Instead of taking medication orally that reaches different parts of the body via the bloodstream, we knew the power of essential oils and how effective they are.”

The Sleep Comes Easy spray was “created because the key factor in falling asleep is relieving your mind and body from stress and anxiety. So this was the perfect way to relax any nerves that could be causing a restless night of sleep. A good way to get the most bang out of aromatherapeutic sleep products is build up your mental association with how they make you feel tired. Create a bedtime ritual of spraying your sleep spray on your pillow, and soon your brain will understand that when it experiences those smells, it’s time for a restful slumber.”

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Photography by Species by the Thousands

Already sleeping better? Do you want to take this a step further and enhance those dreams? Well, try Species by the Thousands Psychic Dream Spray ($20) which was created to enhance and recall insightful information from your dream life. The mix has cedarwood (creates a comforting experience), lavender (soothe and relax), and mugwort (known as a powerful “dream” herb).

Or, hey, you can make your own sleep spray with a mix of essentials oils, Wellness Mama has an incredible Relaxing Pillow Spray mix for soothing the mind.