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Getting ready for bed is never quite as simple as turning off the lights and slipping under the covers. You can’t seem to get your mind off an impending deadline, or you’ve got an unexpected second wind, or you’re already stressed about waking up with your alarm for that workout class. Falling asleep isn’t an easy feat, which is why a good nighttime routine is crucial—and why Hatch‘s newest product aims to make that routine as seamless as possible.

Restore, an all-in-one light, alarm, and sound machine, is the brand’s first product that’s not designed specifically for babies and children (you probably have heard of at least one parent who swears by Hatch’s nursery-friendly Rest, such as Parachute founder Ariel Kaye). Because everyone winds down a little differently, the functions of the Restore are customizable. Users can browse Hatch’s sound library to create an ambient sleep playlist (of white noise, guided meditations, or even bedtime stories); set an alarm that mimics the sunrise; use a zzz-inducing blue reading light; and program their whole routine into a corresponding app that sends gentle reminders when you should really hit the hay.

The quest for better sleep often feels like a never-ending journey, but having all those tools in one machine that doesn’t look too shabby on your nightstand might just be a game changer. The Restore will be available for purchase in March or April. Until then, why not experiment with a few other strategies?

Restore Sleep Machine
Restore, Hatch

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