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Is your home living up to its full potential? Self-isolation is the perfect excuse to stock up on all the new appliances and clever gizmos you’ve been eyeing, and not just because they can increase the value of your house. (Psst: Nearly 80 percent of buyers want smart thermostats preinstalled.) Our routines are changing, and gadgets can help us get through the days easier. Whether you’re cleaning more than ever before or struggling to unwind at night, here are three updates that will spare you a headache.

Swap Out the Lightbulbs

Not a natural early bird, but now have to be? The new C by GE app allows you to set a sleep/wake schedule. Simply download the app, exchange the bulbs in your bedroom for the brand’s tunable white LED ones, and tweak the settings so you wake up to energizing, cool light in the morning and doze off to a warm, melatonin-boosting glow at night.

Clean Up the Kitchen

Ward off germs and become a better cook by replacing your ordinary faucet with a touchless one. Washing your hands via a voice- or motion-activated device will make for a more sterile space. Plus, you can ask it to dispense just about any measurement. 

Generate Soothing Vibes

Boundaries are hard to achieve when you’re working from home, so it’s important to have signals that remind you when it’s time to log off. An alarm clock can help, but so can a smart fragrance diffuser like Pium, which can be scheduled to release different scents throughout the day and will even let you know when capsules are running low. Another high-tech treat: Swap out your current showerhead for one that infuses essential oils directly into the water flow, like Moen’s aromatherapy fixture. It’s the next best thing to going to a real spa. 

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