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After Kellie Brown Painted Her Bedroom This Hue, She Started Sleeping Like a Baby

How the style blogger fosters a sense of calm in her L.A. home.

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Vintage Chair; Double-Face Pillow Cover, BFGF. On Brown: Dress, Asos.

Small rituals make home a place for rest and rejuvenation. In The Wind Down, we explore the wellness routines of people we admire.

When Kellie Brown (catch her colorful finds on her website, And I Get Dressed) moved into her Los Angeles home last March, the fashion blogger did not realize how much time she’d be spending in her new digs for the months to come. So she took the task of decorating head-on, filling the space with vintage finds and fresh flowers to create her own personal sanctuary. Now with the launch of her new podcast, Fat Icon (which will focus on the contributions of large-bodied people in the fashion, art, and business worlds); the growing success of her T-shirt line; and her continued dominance across social media, she’s finally found a place where she can get creative by day—and chill out by night.

Start with a stretch: Brown begins each morning on her yoga mat, going through a series of movements she learned from a trainer years ago to get her blood flowing and strengthen her core.“People make all sorts of assumptions about my fitness level because of how I look, but sometimes I’ll do a move and someone will be like, ‘Whoa!’” she says. “I’m like, yeah, I do this every morning.”

Prioritize pampering: When Brown saw her peach-toned vanity listed on Instagram, she loved it so much that she had it shipped all the way from New York to L.A., where it’s now an important part of her daily routine. Every morning she sits there, going through her skin-care routine—she’s a big Summer Fridays and Sunday Riley fan—and doing her makeup. “I really love this ritual, even though I’ve never really been a ritual person,” she says. “It gives comfort and predictability in an unpredictable world.

Vintage Vanity Set, The Swan’s House.

Take nature breaks: “I like to drink my coffee and answer emails outside,” says Brown of her patio, which she outfitted with a dining table, two sofas, and white metal peacock chairs that she scored on Facebook Marketplace. “It’s an amazing way to start the day.” When she needs a time-out from her in-box, she’ll take walks around the neighborhood to recharge. Then, as things start to slow down, she’ll step out again to catch the evening breeze before the sun sets.

Hop in the shower: “I’m a big bath person,” says Brown, “but I love a nice shower.” To make hers special, she hangs fresh eucalyptus branches and commits to a super-hydrating hair-care routine with Shea Moisture products, which she calls “incredibly beneficial” during winter.

Play some tunes: Brown cranks up Spotify before she gets her shut-eye. “I’m definitely listening to music before bed,” says Brown. “I’ve made all these fun little playlists—like cute, sleepy time, and romantic.”

Sofa and Stonewashed Velvet Pillow, Arhaus; Green Vase Pillow, BFGF.

Un-decorate: “I learned from my last apartment that a serene, minimal bedroom is transformative for me,” says Brown. “When I had changed mine to just white walls, I started sleeping like a baby.” She makes her own hotel-like escape with Parachute’s percale sheets, a bold printed throw by BFGF, and sheer white curtains that perfectly diffuse the Southern California sunlight.

Disconnect from tech: A relatively new rule has helped Brown maintain some semblance of a work-life balance: Don’t bring the laptop into the bedroom. Before heading off to bed, she’ll watch an episode of Parks and Recreation or The Office, and then the computer goes off. “It doesn’t mean I won’t answer an email on my phone,” she says. “But before, I would fall asleep with my laptop, so I’m making progress.”

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