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By now, you’ve heard plenty of people sing the praises of essential oils. Whether they’re used in your favorite natural cleaning products or they’re found in your latest skincare picks, these ultra-concentrated oils have tons of benefits (did you know they can boost your immune system?), but their biggest draw might just be the simplest: They smell really, really good. And that can make you feel good too.

Admittedly, with so many essential oils to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which ones will actually make you feel how you want to feel—the same oils that help you fall asleep won’t boost your productivity. Luckily, Vini Trambadia, found of the new high-design essential oil brand Helias, has clued us in on the best types for every kind of mood. Whether you use them with a diffuser or simply apply a drop to your hand cream (just never directly to your skin!), these oils will keep the good vibes flowing.

When you need an energy boost

“[Eucalyptus] can really open up your sinuses if you’re feeling a little stuffy, and it’s great in the summer when the A/C is constantly running,” says Trambadia. Alternatively, she recommends trying a blend of fruit, black pepper, and eucalyptus to increase alertness and energy. 

When you need to focus

Bergamot’s amazing. It really helps with reducing your nerves and increasing your focus. It also enhances mood because it’s a citrus but not a really sweet citrus. It’s in our calming blend, which is the oil that we most often hear customers keep at their office.”

When you need cheering up

“Wild orange is by far the most popular oil for a pick-me-up. It’s a happy scent and a natural air purifier, so it also enhances your immunity. It’s a nostalgic scent, so it can remind you of eating oranges as a kid.”

When you need to chill out

“The scent that I use when I’m home and I want to read or cook is vetiver. It’s a really good grounding scent and it’s really smoky. If there’s an intense smell in your apartment, it can easily get rid of it too. It’s also a proven antioxidant, so it can help with stress.”

When you want to set the mood

“Emotionally, clary sage increases libido in both men and women. It also enhances your mood, so it’s a happy scent. Our clary sage comes from France, and I use it as a natural perfume.”

When you need a good sleep

“No matter how amazing your bed or how luxurious your hotel, sometimes, when you’re traveling, you just don’t get a proper night of sleep because your body is in fight-or-flight mode. Having a go-to nighttime scent can help you consistently fall asleep. Lavender and cedarwood are great options for that. Lavender is much more of a sweet, floral scent, and the cedar is a bit earthier, but the aromatherapy benefits are very similar.”

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