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If you strive to have #shelfiegoals, then this is your article. Sure, your mom was right—it is what’s inside that counts—but damnit, when it comes to beauty products, nice packaging can really change your bathroom display game. We’ve assembled the most beautiful beauty products in the world, and arranged them all according to your design aesthetic. Things are about to get very tidy, and very pretty.

Modern Apothecary

If your style is as clean as a science lab, then welcome home, friend. These are the very best of the best when it comes to modern apothecary, fits-right-in-at-a-laboratory design.

Hydrate Nourishing Lotion

Red Earth, 


Australia’s answer to cool girl skincare, Red Earth is the coolest. And the packaging is simple, bold, and meant to be seen. This lotion is the best of the best of hydrating Aussie ingredients.

MadeCera Face Cream, SkinRx, $36

K-beauty meets a skin laboratory, with this gorgeous product that just so happens to effectively soothes facial irritation and redness, too.

Active Routine, The Nue Co., $190

The aesthetic of the brand is like if a scientist had a baby with a crossword puzzle maker that also is a part-time supermodel (Ya know?). Clean, unique, trustworthy, yet fun.

Rind Concentrate Body Balm, Aesop, $35

Smells like orange and lemon rinds, looks eerily similar to our dream packaging (how’d you know, Aesop?).

Hand Wash, Grown Alchemist, $37

The most incredible scented hand wash (Orange! Cedarwood! Sage!) in the most unassuming, sleek, straight-out-of-the-lab bottle.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Vitruvi, $9.90

Straight out of the periodic table, these essential oils are organic, and can be used for everything from inside a diffuser, to brightening your face, to cutting through grease on your dishes.


If your main belief when it comes to decorating is ‘less is more’ then this is your category. These brands below also believe just that, and, boy oh boy, are you going to be so happy when proudly, yet quietly, displaying them minimally on your vanity or bathroom sink.

Lip Balm, Kjaer Weis, $50

Kjaer Weis’s packaging is meant to last a lifetime—no seriously. Each item is entirely refillable, so keep this organic balm on your vanity forever and always.

Velvet Haze Perfume, Byredo, $150

If anyone on this planet does better minimalist packaging than Byredo, let us know, because we can’t find them. They let the sans serif typeface design speaks for itself. And the Velvet Haze scent is paradise.

Vital Hand Cream, Nuori, $48

Minimalist white packaging meets a slight swipe of neon yellow, plus every ingredient inside is super ethical.

Jasmine & Neroli Face Oil, Rodin, $89

A simple, cleanly designed sticker right in the middle of the glass bottle, and that’s it. Perfection. The mix of 11 superpower oils is pretty fantastic for dry, dull skin, too.

Normalizing Shampoo, Sachajuan, $26

Not only are the ingredients simplified, clean and perfect in Sachajuan, so is the packaging. Judge a book by it’s cover in this one instance.

Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath, Susanne Kaufmann, $70

Mallow and pine combine for an experience for both the senses and body (the mix is super relaxing for the immune system). And the packaging is as sleek as the Austrian mountains from which the ingredients come.


If you’re like a rainbow, and so is your style aesthetic, welcome to a collection of the most beautifully, boldly designed beauty products around town. “I prefer living in color,” once said David Hockney, and now youe beauty products can, too.

Fresh Slate Brightening Cleanser and Mask, Allies of Skin, $42

Not only is the packaging fresh and peachy, the 2-in-1 is also brightening and peach-hued. And the whole brand’s packaging couldn’t be more lust-worthy.

COQ-10 Toner, Indie Lee, $32

This skin-balancing, soothing toner and the bold pop of yellow and sky blue are just a hint at the other treasures Indie Lee offers (all completely ethical and clean, too). From ylang ylang bath soak (pink salts with lime green pops) to sandalwood body oil (with a swipe of deep red in the packaging), every Indie Lee product is a win.

Firming Oil, Esker, $40

The whole (pale-toned) rainbow showed up for this epic packaging. And this oil specializes in reducing cellulite and giving a lifting boost to the whole body.

Mini Facial Oil Set, Herbivore, $49

The entire brand embodies colors found in nature—pale pink, lapis blue, sunset orange, jasmine tea green, pastel sky purple—and each offering showcases nature’s ingredients with powerful results.

Lapiz Matte Body Oil, Monastery Made, $42

Brand new to the scene, Monastery is already selling out, both for that shockingly gorgeous packaging and the squalene-based luxe body oil, with its bold blue shade and poppy fresh ginger and grapefruit scent.

Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Osea, $88

Malibu’s finest skincare gurus also make the coolest, sustainable packaging too. No bad eggs in their entire giant line.


If the oldies are the goodies in your home, than welcome to your new beauty collection. Each product here is modern, but entirely inspired, in both packaging and material, by the good ol’ days.

Laine de Verre, Serge Lutens, $160

The bottle looks straight out of a vintage shop, but Serge only started creating fragrances and makeup in 2000. This bright and crisp scent is so special on a vanity.

216 Kabarett, Krigler Perfume, $365

The romantic Art Deco packaging at Krigler hasn’t changed since Albert Krigler created the early perfumes in the early 1900s, and this scent is evocative of a night at a Parisian cabaret, with a fresh, woody scent with notes of lilies, bergamot, and mandarin.

Opiat Dentaire Toothpaste, Buly 1803, $27

Baroque inspiration mixed with vintage imagery, Buly 1803 is just the most romantic. Every single item they produce is extraordinary, made with the most tremendous care.

Marie Antoinette Bust Candle, Cire Trudon, $125

Maison Trudon received permission from the French National Museum Council to reproduce this image, an exact copy of an authorized portrait of Marie Antoinette, all so you could enjoy this museum-quality bust from the comfort of your own home. Literal history in a candle.

Gelée Hyaline

, Feret, $16

Started in France in 1878, Feret’s packaging has barely changed since, thankfully. And this hand jelly is one of the most refreshing, and refreshingly scented hand creams around thanks to organic French honey.

Citron Verbena, Claus Porto Banho, $20

The packaging is inspired by Portuguese Azulejo ceramic tiles, so display loud and proud. And the hand soaps are all boldly scented, this citron one is fresh with lemon and verbena.

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