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In honor of Earth Day on April 22, there are easy, simple (affordable!) ways to green up your medicine cabinet.

After all, we’re all on this planet together, and we certainly could be taking better care of her—and yes, that extends into your beauty regime. From packaging that reduces plastic consumption to products being produced in more ethical way to ingredients that don’t deplete the earth’s resources, these are some beauty brands doing serious good to help Mother Earth. See below for the best green products available at your favorite retailer, at some epic prices.

Seed Phytonutrients

Body Cleanser, $20

Not at your favorite store—yet—but the new brand is extraordinary for all the good they’re doing for the Earth. This is the first ever entirely biodegradable, shower-safe (aka doesn’t fall apart after repeated water exposure) paper packaging. Also, each product comes with a packet of heirloom seeds to encourage gardening at home. And the packaging shell itself can be used as part of the garden, either burying it to contain the seeds, or as its own pot for an indoor garden. If that wasn’t enough, all ingredients in the bottles are ethically and naturally sourced from farmers they know personally.

Love Beauty and Planet

Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo, Target, $6.99

Not only does the price make these products extremely accessible, the ingredients and packaging are entirely focused on helping Mother Earth out. Each bottle is made from recycled plastic, and the adhesive on the label is made of a special glue that wipes off cleanly at recycling facilities. The scents and ingredients are ethically sourced from farmers in growing communities, and the formulas are designed to wash out of your hair quickly, reducing your shower time, thus water consumption. Brilliant!

Plant Apothecary

Body Wash, Anthropologie, $18

The absolute best body wash around has many great reasons to love it. The brand was literally built around being environmentally aware: USDA-certified organic ingredients, packaging that is entirely built on sustainability (recyclable, no excess packaging), and no synthetic nasties that’ll harm you or Mother Earth. There are five different varieties, but my personal favorite is Wake Up for its bright lemongrass and rosemary scent, and it’s as gentle yet effective as can be. Buy this soap, you won’t regret it!

Youth To The People

Cleanser, Anthropologie, $36

Youth To The People is made up of 100 percent recyclable packaging (usually glass) and cold-pressed vegan ingredients to make a positive impact on both skin and the environment. Veganism is actually the inspiration behind each product: YTTP harnesses superpower foods you’d normally eat—like kale, spinach and green tea— to superpower your skin, giving you brighter skin and a cleaner future.

W3LL People

Mascara, Target, $21.99

Traditionally made makeup has A LOT of toxins and chemicals in it, especially mascara. But W3LL has somehow made a mascara that is free of gross chemicals, yet is bold and stays on all day long—the best in the clean biz.

The Seaweed Bath Co.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint Body Wash, Target, $11.69

Every product from this brand is meant to both gently yet effectively cleanse you, and be gentle on Mother Earth. That means ingredients, including their signature seaweed from the coast of Maine, that are sustainably sourced. Beyond that, the brand is very transparent about every item, allowing the consumer to see directly what goes into each bottle. And yep, the bottles are recyclable and made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic.

Already have all the beauty products you need? Great! Organizations, like Earth Day Network, are working hard to save resources on Mother Earth need your help, consider volunteering your time or money to give back!

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