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It can feel overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated to find a volunteering opportunity, but the app Deed aims to change that by making donating your time easy, fun, and rewarding. Deed recently hosted an event in Williamsburg at North Brooklyn Farms to talk about climate change and what we can do to make big and small differences for the environment. Here are a few key takeaways from the actionable chat.

Be a Re-User

You probably know you should be using a reusable water bottle, but do you do it always? Plastic is not great for you to be near nonetheless, but it’s devastating for the environment. At the Domino offices, we’ve switched from plastic water bottles to a few Soma pitchers, and we’re never looking back.

Skip the Straw

In a single day, just in the US, we go through 500 million plastic straws—not even in the world—just the US. Just imagine how many end up in landfills and oceans. Be conscious of your consumption and don’t use a straw or plastic utensils unless it’s the only option.

Put Your Food Scraps to Work 

Composting is so easy and it makes a big difference with excess food waste, and drop off locations for your compiled compost are ubiquitous. Check your local farmers market for options, or contact your city’s sanitation department. Better yet: DIY it and use it in your garden.

Think small 

Little actions can help make a habit and then a difference, like bringing a reusable cup to your usual cafe. And, hey, now your cafe knows your coffee order by your mug. Being conscious of possible changes is the first step, and this is a super easy starting point.

Know the People in Power

Perhaps the most difficult but important action in this list is being part of a bigger change. And this means becoming best friends with your local elected officials that are part of the bigger discussions on the climate. Not just for the elections every four years, but getting to know them so you can express what laws and legislation are important to you.

Look them up and ask for an in-person meeting. Better yet, bring some friends too. Go into the meeting with the frame of becoming friends, and that you’ll be coming back again and again to have discussions about other things important to you. Ask about them, form a friendship or working relationship so they can have a face and name associated with laws and legislation that matter to you.