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There’s nothing better than the taste of home-grown vegetables, but when outdoor space is limited, it’s challenging to have the veggie garden of your dreams. Small patios, terraces, and even well-lit window sills can still be used to create small, yet efficient gardens. Here are seven expert-approved tips to get you one step closer to enjoying fresh vegetables at home.

Think Vertical 

If your outdoor space is lacking in square footage, turn an unused wall into a garden. Ladder plant beds and hanging pots still leave ample floor area for dining and hosting. Not only is this approach useful, it also adds depth and greenery to your patio decor.


Garden on Wheels

When every square inch counts, make things mobile. The portable garden is a genius idea that allows your creation to move with the sun or be wheeled into the garage during a BBQ or outdoor gathering. This is the perfect solution when you want a veggie garden but your dreams of outdoor hosting are still a priority.


Consider Microgreens

Microgreens, or “vegetable confetti” are trending because they are easy to grow, extremely nutritious, and can be grown in even the tiniest of spaces. These baby greens are immature vegetables that are only one to two inches tall and can be cut and sprinkled on top of pizzas, salads, and soups for added nourishment. Baby broccoli, sprouting bok choy, and micro celery are all perfect ways to start your very own mini microgreen garden just about anywhere. The best part? Less waiting, more eating.

Rent a Garden Space

If creating the vegetable garden of your dreams is out of reach because of apartment living or inadequate sunshine, don’t fret. Many major cities have rentable garden plots. This service is an excellent way to still grow your favorite vegetables year after year without it taking up valuable entertaining space. Check local classifieds in your area and finally satisfy that green thumb.


Know Your Zone

The key to successful gardening is knowing which types of plants will thrive in your area during each season. Resources like this one can help you determine your zone, and from there, you can pinpoint the best vegetables to grow. Get off on the right foot by choosing seeds that are sure to grow in the climate and conditions of your small space—inside or out.

Grow Your Favorites

There’s no use growing vegetables that won’t make it to the kitchen table. Starting a garden is the perfect opportunity to grow what you love and cook with often. If marinara sauce is your jam, grow tomatoes. If salad is a lunchtime favorite, grow romaine lettuce. Maximize space by prioritizing vegetables you use the most.


Be Different

Buyers and local demand dictate which veggies make it to the market shelves. Here’s your chance to grow something you’ve always wanted to try, but can’t find at the stores. Unique and uncommon plants like the cucamelon (mini cucumbers!) or rainbow carrots make a perfect choice for your little garden because they are difficult to find anywhere else. Even if you only grow a few, they’ll feel special.

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Published on May 4, 2017