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Ready your watering cans, San Francisco: NYC’s coolest plant shop is coming your way. The Sill just opened its second West Coast location in SF’s historic Cow Hollow neighborhood—so if you’re a green thumb in search of something to do this weekend, we’ve sorted your Saturday plans.

The store itself is like a museum of plants. Greenery falls out of every crevice, hanging from the ceiling and sitting stacked by the door to greet customers as soon as they enter. “Plants are an incredible design element in any space—and since the store was going to be filled with them, we really wanted to let them take the spotlight,” says Erin Marino, director of brand marketing at The Sill. “I think the store demonstrates that houseplants can make an incredible impact in an indoor space, no matter how minimal that space is. A little green goes a long way.”

The San Francisco outlet is located at 2181 Union Street and offers a range of services besides just selling plants. There’s a mobile gifting station and workshop area—plus, if you’re not a gardening pro just yet, experts are available to answer your most pressing questions. Unsure where to start? We tapped Marino to get her recommendations for the best plants to buy.

If you want quantitative reassurance that your plant is the best…

Plants photo
Monstera, The Sill ($62)

Monstera deliciosa is The Sill’s best-selling plant of 2019—and there’s strength in numbers, so buy this knowing that it’s a universal favorite. Relatively easy to care for, monstera plants are a great long-lasting option. Just be wary of the temperature. “They thrive indoors in a San Francisco home or office, but outdoors might be a bit too chilly for them, especially at night,” cautions Marino. “We recommend waiting for nighttime temperatures to reach above 65 degrees before moving them outdoors.”

If you have a small space…

Plants photo
Echeveria Lola, The Sill ($23)

Marino recommends echeveria, a rosette-shaped succulent that’s drought tolerant and perfect for West Coast temps and smaller spaces alike. Plop the tiny plant anywhere from a desk to a hanging shelf for a pop of greenery that won’t overpower. Bonus for the SF crowd: While The Sill only offers the plant in small sizes online, the store will sell echeveria in 4-inch and even 6-inch sizes, if you’re ready to graduate to something a bit larger. “They’re beautiful! I’m planning to attempt to take one home to New York in my carry-on,” says Marino.

If you’re a first-time plant parent…

Plants photo
Jade Pothos, The Sill ($61)

“Pothos,” recommends Marino. “There’s a reason you see it everywhere—it’s super-resilient!” Great for beginners, this hardy plant is able to tolerate a wide range of light and even miss a few waterings if you happen to be out of town. “Added bonus for new plant parents: The pothos stems start to wilt and the leaves start to wrinkle when it’s thirsty,” adds Marino. You’ll never have to worry about deciphering your plant’s state again.

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