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We talk a lot (a lot!) about French beauty, and even Korean and Japanese beauty, but turns out, there are kind of a ton of other countries we’re neglecting. So sorry about that! We’re first turning our focus to the land of bronzed, glowing, carefree Australians. We chatted with twin sisters Kim and Zoe Roebuck, and founders of Australian clean beauty brand Dr. Roebuck’s, about the tips, products, and routines they swear by daily.

As the creators of a beauty brand based in science, the Roebucks believe equally in at-home and expert-based wellness. They split their time between LA and Sydney, but like true Aussies, they balance their lives with beach runs, green juices, turmeric-based skincare, and Kakadu Plum extract. And the great news is you can replicated most of these foolproof tips at home—minus Bondi Beach though unfortunately.

Hit the Beach

Could anything on this list be more iconically Aussie than a beach run and swim?! We think not. The Roebucks especially love the walk between Bondi to Bronte, which is both jaw-droppingly beautiful, while still challenging enough to get their heart rates up. “This circulates blood flow to all extremities, including your face, which results in a dewy post-exercise glow,” say the twins. “After your run, jump into the sea to refresh your mind, body, soul, and skin.”


Not in the land down under? Try just a fast-paced walk with some beautiful views near you, then either jump in a body of water, or take a chilled shower at home.

Drink Your Veggies

Australians are pretty strict with their clean diets, and the Roebucks swear by freshly made green juices every morning—but only veggies are allowed, no fruits or protein powders. They frequent an Aussie chain called Pressed Juices, but you can replicate this at home. They either drink Greens Number 1, which has spinach, cucumber, celery, lettuce, kale, and parsley (which they say is surprisingly yummy and refreshing), or Organic Elixir Number 1, which has orange, lemon, ginger, turmeric, kakadu plum, and black pepper.

If it gives us that classic Aussie girl glow, pass the juice!


What is Agoga? A grown-only-in-the-land-of-Oz wild vegetable? Some desert beach where Aussies go to vacation? Actually, it’s a Bondi-inspired HIIT workout that is incredibly difficult and unique because each week is different and inspired by a different famous sports team and their workouts. (I mean, that needs to exist in the US STAT!) It’s incredibly hard, but the twins love the rewarding nature of finishing, and the trainers.


Occasional Intermittent Fasting

The concept of intermittent fasting isn’t new, but it certainly has picked up in popularity with wellness experts recently. The phrase sounds scary, but it’s simply allowing a period of time without eating so your body can rest, and there is mounting medical evidence about it’s benefits.

“I pick two weeks each month where we intermittently fast—this does not mean starving yourself! We follow a diet written by medical professionals, and it means trying to go a period of 18 hours without food (it sounds harder than it seems). For example, eat dinner at 6 pm Sunday, drink coffee at 8 am Monday, have a green juice at 10 am and then a light meal after this. We aim to eat 500 to 1,000 calories on the fasting days.”

Only do this if you don’t have any serious medical conditions, of course. And the twins refer to The 2 Day Diet Cookbook by Dr. Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell. “You will be surprised what you can eat!”

Go Clean

Not only do Aussies eat clean, they also like to use clean beauty products. Dr. Roebuck’s is of course powered by powerful and potent naturally occurring Australian antioxidants. From Kakadu Plum extract, with 50 times the Vitamin C in any other plant on Earth, in their very popular Uluru Purifying Mask ($28) to the very popular and anti-inflammatory turmeric, which is the main component in their Tama Healing Mask (my favorite product in their line).


Beyond just their line, the twins love the plant-based cleaning Aussie brand Koala Eco, which uses amazing essential oils in their highly effective products: “They are natural, Australian, eco-friendly, and ethical—but they also work.” They both really particularly like their All Natural Glass Cleaner with Peppermint Essential Oil ($10.90).

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