7 beauty products you would NEVER hide in a drawer

they’re just too pretty.

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Cool-girl beauty is happening—in a big way. Glossier launched beauty products (finally!) in addition to their skincare line, Goop (yep, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website) ventured into organic skincare, and Milk Makeup surprised us all with a perfectly pigmented collection of makeup. Yes, the products are effective, have great staying power, come in pretty colors, and some are even natural or organic, but it gets better. The PACKAGING! Beauty, skincare, and haircare lines are beginning to create packaging that fits with their customer’s style and overall aesthetic. Trust us, you won’t want to hide these products away in your makeup bag or medicine cabinet. Read on for seven skincare, makeup, and haircare brands that are nailing the packaging game.

GLOSSIER   We’re already devoted users of their skin care (hello, Milky Jelly Cleanser!), and as we all hoped and dreamed, Glossier launched a full line of beauty products in March 2016. We’re talking a dewy concealer for those tricky belmishes and stubborn under eye bags, a lip pigment called Generation G, which is a like a stain, tinted balm, and lipstick all rolled into one, and of course, the ultimate natural-but-still-noticeable brow product, the Boy Brow. The sleek black and white packaging with their signature “G” is just the cherry on top.


HERBIVORE BOTANICALS   If you’re not using natural skin and hair care yet, you’re missing out. Organic and all-natural no longer mean clumpy and ineffective. Herbivore Botanicals is just one of the companies changing the perception of natural beauty products. All of their products are formulated without synthetic ingredients like parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum, and they’re never tested on animals. What you will find is natural ingredients, plant-based food-grade cold-pressed oils, and recycled packaging. Their cute, clear bottles show off the rich pinks and blues of their formulas.


MILK MAKEUP   Milk, an L.A. and NYC-based media company who dabbles in fashion, music, photography, and film, released a line of makeup in February 2016. And it’s not just any makeup, it’s probably the hippest makeup that has ever been made. Think eye, lip, face, and skin products that either enhance your natural beauty with sheer oils or pigments that make a BIG statement. The mostly clear packaging is a bit funkier, but we love how it shows off the color of the product.


GOOP   If you’re thinking of course, Goop launched organic skincare products, rethink your stance. Organic is where everything is heading and Paltrow is beating us to the finish line… But also providing us with the tools to run the race alongside her. The products are on the pricier side (all around $100), but sometimes, you get what you pay for. Products, created with Juice Beauty, include eye cream, face oil, day moisturizer, and an exfoliating instant facial in sleek, white bottles that actually look chic.


LILAH B.   These little sliding stones actually contain everything from eyeshadow quads to lip gloss. Oh yeah, and they’re multipurpose, which means you can put that stain on your lips and cheeks. The actual formulations are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, artificial preservatives, and are never tested on animals, which means they’re naturally nourishing and actually good for your skin. We leave our products around the house on purpose, just because they’re that mini and cute.

OUAI HAIRCARE   Ever go down the rabbit hole of stalking the Kardashian’s super cool hair stylist, Jen Atkin? If not, we recommend not only doing so (she’s kind of the hairstylist of the moment), but also checking out her venture into hair care. Ouai Haircare features a full line of cleaning, styling, and repairing. This means you can shop classic styling products like dry shampoo and wave spray, but also find masques and a variety of shampoos and conditioners that target your hair’s needs. All of the bottles are super shiny (love!) or black and white. We’re sensing a theme here…


CONTEXT   In the age of anti-aging, it’s hard to be the best, but Context Skin is sure trying. Their unisex products are great for everyday and are rich in antioxidants, botanical oils, natural herbal extracts, and are hypoallergenic, tested by dermatologists, non-comedogenic, paraben and pthalate-free, and are never tested on animals. Mic drop. Their packaging is also black and white, which will easily blend with your neutral,

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