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photography by   NINA CHOI styling by   ELAINA SULLIVAN

These indie beauty brands are changing the game with fresh ingredients and perfect packaging.

PRIMING MOISTURIZER glossier.com  ROSE + ALOE HYDROSOL MIST by Benshen PINK CLAY MOISTURE MASK (no longer available; similar products at domino.com) herbivorebotanicals.com  LIP2CHEEK COLOR in smile rmsbeauty.com  MASK APPLICATOR BRUSH herbivorebotanicals.com  LAPIS FACIAL OIL by Herbivore Botanicals  DIVINE DUO LIP AND CHEEK SHADE in b.memorable by lilah b.  ROSE AND CARDAMOM BATHING SALTS by Marble & Milkweed  BOUGIE FACIAL OIL by Soul Sunday COCO ROSE LIP CONDITIONER by Herbivore Botanicals  ROSE FACIAL POLISH by

French Girl

Organics  BLUE TANSY RESURFACING MASK by Herbivore Botanicals

These handcrafted beauty products are packed with some of the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, such as blue chamomile, azulene, and French pink clay. In addition, the brands are so beautifully designed that you won’t want to stash them away. Reboot your daily skin care and makeup routine with these fresh picks.

“From thoughtfully designed packaging and labels, which really allow our ingredients to shine through, to intoxicating scents and luxurious textures, we truly want you to love your skin care.” —Alex Kummerow, co-founder, Herbivore Botanicals

ROSE LIP POLISH by French Girl Organics  ROSE AND CARDAMOM BATHING SALTS by Marble & Mildweed BLUE TANSY RESURFACING MASK by Herbivore Botanicals TONING MIST by Earth Tu Face INFLORESCENCE BODY ELIXIR shop.kyprisbeauty.com  FACIAL CRYSTALS by Benshen  VITAMIN E EYE BALM by One Love Organics  NO. 11 ANAROSE REJUVENATING ROSE TONER munskin.com LAPIS FACIAL OIL by Herbivore Botanicals  HIMALAYAN QUARTZ DRINKING CRYSTAL by Marble & Milkweed MILKY JELLY CLEANSER glossier.com  BOUGIE FACIAL OIL by Soul Sunday ACTIVATED CHARCOAL MASK by Moon Rivers Naturals

“I wanted to create something sophisticated and organic to complement the simple and minimalistic approach of the brand,” says lilah b. founder Cheryl Yannotti Foland. “The beautiful beaches of Southern Italy are made up of smooth, white pebbles, and I always found them so soothing. They were the perfect inspiration for the lilah b. stones. I love the weight and that they fit so perfectly in the palm of your hand. They’re hard to put down!”

BOY BROW in brown glossier.com  ROSA CHEEK ROUGE by Soul Sunday RETRACTABLE BRONZER BRUSH by lilah b.FOUNDATION in lightness kjaerweis.com  LIVING LUMINIZERrmsbeauty.com  PURE EYELINER in my generation iliabeauty.com  LUMIERE BRONZING OIL by French Girl Organics COCO ROSE LIP CONDITIONER by Herbivore Botanicals DIVINE DUO LIP AND CHEEK SHADE in b.fearless by lilah b.

lake and skye text by   CAROLINE BIGGS

After the birth of her two daughters, Courtney Somer struggled to find a time-efficient way to use her favorite essential oils on the fly. “I needed the extra support for my body’s defenses and stress levels,” she says of the centuries-old holistic practice of using floral essences to promote physical and mental wellness. “But I couldn’t find anything that I could keep in my bag and use on the go.” In November, Somer launched Lake & Skye—named after her daughters’ middle names—an enticingly aromatic collection of original fragrances, oil blends, and floral waters, all associated with natural health benefits. Hand-mixed with organic ingredients such as wildflowers, honeysuckle, frankincense, and water from a Hawaiian waterfall, the scents are said to provide a slew of positive effects—among them, happiness, energy, and a stronger immune system.