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If Susan Miller and the Astro Twins are practically idols to you, and you use the high-design astrology app Co-Star daily, then you’re going to love this: Zodiac-themed beauty and skincare have taken over the market, from lipstick and soaps to face powder—all based on your astrological sign and the qualities that are associated with them.

A makeup brush associated with the color schemes most pleasing to your birth sounds a little silly—but that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be: fun. For all those passionate fans of daily and monthly horoscopes, come, celebrate your love for your sign. Think of these items like a birthstone jewel in a beauty product. It must also be noted these zodiac-themed goods make incredible gifts for the astrological fan in your life, too.

But before you go searching for your sign, astrologer Francesca Vuillemin notes you might want to glance a bit deeper at your rising and setting signs, too.

“I would advise anyone purchasing zodiac-themed makeup to choose a product based on their rising sign (ascendant) as this corresponds to the ‘mask’ that we show to the world,” says Vuillemin. “For example if you are a Leo, but your rising sign is Taurus, go with the Taurus product as that will enhance the persona you wish to project.” (You can easily look up your rising and setting signs via Co-Star, one of the most in-depth, personalized, and beautifully designed apps in the biz.)

Beauty with a potential empowering capability, well then, consider us sold.

Astrology Lipstick, Bite Beauty, $26

At the first day of every new astrological sign, Bite announces a new, limited-edition lipstick themed entirely off the personality of that sign. For example, the hyper-personalized lipstick for this season’s Leo is a glittering gold shade that can be applied to look subtle, or bolder for a more dramatic look.

The gold was inspired by classic Leo’s personality: bold, ruled by the sun, and a preference for being the center of attention. And just like Leo’s symbol—a lion—the shade is also based off a lion’s shimmering mane. All eyes on you, Leo.

You can also currently shop a few other of their previous collections, too. The Gemini lipstick is especially interesting, with a double-sided bullet, just like the classic dual-sided twin sign.

And like all Bite products, everything is handcrafted using natural and organic products, without parabens and sulfates.

Zodiac Oval Soap, Fresh, $15

Created with the guidance of the literal astrologer to the stars, Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, these shea butter soaps are scented according to each sign’s preferences, and then finished with each sign’s corresponding stone festively tied around it.

For this month’s Leo, the soap has a lush, powerful mangosteen scent with a tiger eye stone tied on the packaging. And on Fresh’s site, each soap’s page has a comprehensive 2018 in review for each sign from Miller herself, which is pretty detailed and incredible.

Zodiac Collection, Wet n Wild, $2.99-20.95

Inspired by the four elements—earth, wind, fire, and water—and the 12 zodiac signs, this new collection is the perfect opportunity to try out and embrace the astro trend without spending a ton of money. The collection includes highlighters, metallic eyeshadows, and ultra-pigmented lip glosses. The Color Icon Lip Gloss ($2.99) is especially fun, with 12 diverse shades.

This would be a great opportunity to try out Vuillemin’s tip to purchase a gloss based on your rising sign, and what the heck, throw in your birth and setting sign too. At $2.99 a gloss, YOLO! You can also purchase a bundle ($20.95) based on your corresponding element, which has an eye shadow, highlighter, and three lip glosses.

Birthstone Matte Mineral Powder, Innisfree, $8

The most popular Korean beauty brand launched a limited-edition collection of one of their biggest products in the world—the Matte Mineral Powder—entirely based on your birth month. While each product inside is the same oil-controlling translucent powder that gives a matte finish, and is made of naturally derived minerals from Korea’s Jeju Island and mint, the packaging is the real game-changer here. Like July’s Ruby birthstone version, with a special message printed inside it just for July babies. It’s also a great gift for Korean beauty lovers.

Zodiac Makeup Brush Set, Spectrum, $64.99

You’ve got your astrological-themed lipstick and highlighter, but do you have the astrological-themed makeup brush to apply them on with? No? OMG, you need these then—the stars won’t align otherwise. Just kidding. But we can’t deny that these four element makeup brush kits are pretty fun. Each set comes with eight luxe, vegan brushes that’ll accomplish every single thing you’d need to on your face—from concealer to contouring to brows.

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