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Are you familiar with the universe dumpster fire that is Mercury in retrograde? If so, you know it’s to blame for everything going wrong in life—everything. If you’re not familiar, let me explain.

First off, are you confused if mercury is in retrograde, and whether you can blame your afternoon outburst on Jan in accounting on it? Check out this v simple, v effective, v to the point website, simply titled, Is Mercury in Retrograde?

The site tells us that, “Mercury turns retrograde at 7:19 pm EST (North America) on March 22, 2018.” So, it officially begins on the 22, and should be over by April 15. But a post shadow will still be lingering after that, so you might still feel a bit of residual energy. But you’ll be totally out in the clear on May 3.

Gird your loins.

“Mercury rules communication, electronics, and short distance travel, and this mercury will be in Aries, which is the god of war,” says astrologer Francesca Vuillemin. (Uh, guys? God of war? Are we going to be okay? Guys?!)

But it’s not all mayhem: There are some positive notes, as well as some best practices, to take away during this time.

“Go over previous things you’ve been working on, but starting new things in this period will be tricky,” says Vuillemin. “Lay low, keep working on your previous plans and projects, but don’t execute them until retrograde is over. It’s a really good time to go over your taxes and receipts, or over other old things.” (Perfect, because Tax Day is April 17.)

“Exes might even come back, because it brings up our old thoughts and flames. You might get a butt dial from an ex, things that almost seem accidental, but it’s meant to make you have closure so you can move on.”

Also, as Aries is the god of war, that might translate to tempers flaring in your day-to-day life. But try to make this time in retrograde a time to explore your feelings and analyze them; expressing in diplomacy, rather than reaction and anger. “Think about what you say before you say it,” says Vuillemin. “Aries rules the head, so you may experience hot-headedness or short-tempered behavior. If you get angry, try to take a deep breath before lashing out.”

But get another leg up via the apps that’ll help you both track Mercury in retrograde, as well as also explore what to expect each day during it.

For the design fan:


No astrology app has ever been prettier or easier to navigate. And thanks to data pulled straight from NASA, no astro app has ever been more accurate, too. Expect super personalized info based on your birth time, and what to expect each day. You can also link up with your friends to analyze each friendship and relationship in your life.

If Susan Miller is your go-to:

Susan Miller App

If “Susan told me…” is a standard statement for you, then this is your app. It showcases her usual lengthy, on-point monthly predictions, but also has daily horoscopes and key dates to watch out for.

On the daily:

The DailyHoroscope

This one cuts to the point quickly, telling you what to expect every day in a few detailed sentences. DailyHoroscope says you might be more short-tempered today? Great, it’ll prep you to be more mindful throughout the day, then.

If Mercury Retrogrades make you hella nervous:

MercuryRetrograde findyourfate

The design isn’t the prettiest, but gosh darnit, this one is entirely dedicated to Mercury in retrograde. Find out exactly when it’s coming, and what sign it’ll be in.

If you love the AstroTwins:


If the AstroTwins are your gospel, then this is your app. Get daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes in their usual, modern, v helpful verbiage. Be prepared for every challenge and opportunity that might pop up that day.

Brace yourself, Retrograde is a’coming…

Oh, and if you want a progressive chart reading, you can reach out to the expert in this piece, Francesca Vuillemin, at Life Essence Council.

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