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We all dream of living in a space full of personality. We all want an environment that makes us feel great. But if the stars can dictate everything from when our next promotion will be to whether we’ll meet “the one” this year, why couldn’t it also dictate our decorating choices? After all, fiery Leo might need a wildly different environment from its quiet counterpart, Cancer. If you are feeling indecisive about choosing key furniture pieces for your home, perhaps it’s time to take a cosmic cue from the stars and just let astrology guide you.

According to Alice Bell, the millennial Susan Miller and British Vogue’s resident astrologer, your astrological sun sign dictates your basic personality traits and how you express yourself, but it can also be a powerful tool for considering your material purchases. “Your sign gives you a general idea of what styles suit you best. For example, a Capricorn and Virgo might need home items that help them stay calm and organized, whereas a Sagittarian or Leo might want to play to their inner creativity.” Curious to learn more? Here are some astro insights to help spruce up your home.

If you’re an Aries…

“Aries has a lot of pent-up energy and often finds it hard to sit still and just relax,” says Bell. This star sign should incorporate interactive furniture or bring a gym into their home. She recommends a treadmill, a bouncy ball chair, or a standing desk to help keep calm.


la_palla_II-large (1)
Inflatable Seat, Atelier Biagetti (Price upon request)

If you’re a Taurus…

“Taurus is a more tactile sign,” says Bell. “They like fabrics that look nice and also feel good to the touch. It’s all about involving the five senses.” The astrologer emphasized selecting a sofa or chair covered in velvet, silk, shearling, or fur.

Lounge Chair, A+R ($2,699)

If you’re a Gemini…

A rocking or cocoon chair that swings back and forth could help balance out Gemini’s more anxious energy. “They need a nice little nook where they can read and write,” explains Bell. “Their minds are always on the go, so they should opt for a comfortable reading chair in which they can process everything they’re learning while still remaining relaxed.” She also favors a huge bookcase to store reading material.

Ball Chair, Finnish Design Shop ($6,238)

If you’re a Cancer…

According to Bell, a Cancer’s sofa is their retreat from the world, so it’s ideal to select a big L-shaped sectional or a cushioned armchair in neutral shades of gray, off-white, or blue. “This is the sign that spends the most time at home, so they need their furniture to be both comfortable and functional to help soothe their super-emotional nature,” she says.

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Boucle Sofa, CB2 ($1,499)

If you’re a Leo…

Leo is drawn to anything loud and colorful.  “Leos most likely opt for statement furniture,” says Bell. “They also love a good mirror, because they never get tired of checking out their appearance.” Go for a strong piece that catches the eye immediately when you walk in the room.


Pink Neon Lamp Mirror, 1stdibs ($9,772)

If you’re a Virgo…

“Virgos are about practicality and multitasking, as they spend so much of their time working,” explains Bell. “They tend to grow nervous when they’re not doing something useful.” She suggests multifunctional furniture. Choose a comfortable desk chair that has some other use, such as correcting posture, or a desk with a lot of organizational features.

Vintage Desk, Coming Soon ($1,600)

If you’re a Libra…

A Libra is rarely alone, so a love seat is the first piece of furniture that comes to Bell’s mind, as this sign needs something that fits more than one person. She also suggests a vintage dresser or a bookcase that has history or references another era. “Libra is the sign of partnerships and balance, and they like to be surrounded by art, beauty, and fashion,”she notes.

Tete-A-Tete Chair, West Elm ($599)

If you’re a Scorpio…

“Scorpios put on a cool exterior, but inside they are full of emotions,” explains Bell. “They would never let you know this, though. They also have a magnetic energy that draws people in.” Because of this sign’s cool facade, Bell says a Scorpio’s interior style should take on sleek qualities. She recommends opting for black leather furniture or a glossy coffee table, but never anything with too much color.

Side Table, A+R ($600)

If you’re a Sagittarius…

“Sagittarians are the world travelers of the zodiac, so they’re likely to have pieces of furniture from all over,” explains the astrologer. “They have a more eclectic taste, and every piece they own probably has some personal backstory associated with it.” Choose worldly furniture with embroidered fabrics or painted designs, as it offers a good excuse to talk about your latest travels.


Velvet Embroidered Cushion Cover, La Double J ($475)

If you’re a Capricorn…

“Anything frivolous or not absolutely necessary does not work for a Capricorn,” says Bell. “When it comes to their furniture, they prefer practical neutrals.” Select Scandinavian-style furniture that is super-minimal for this pragmatic sign.

Building Table, A+R ($479)

If you’re an Aquarius…

“Aquarians like to do the exact opposite of what everyone else does,” says Bell. “They have their very own unique style, so their home will be another extension of their bold personality.” This star sign may not have the usual furniture choices, so the astrologer says to opt for one-off statement pieces that serve as conversation starters, like cool lighting or wall art.

Table Lamp, Entler ($1,225)

If you’re a Pisces…

“A Pisces likes to dream and go off into their own little world,” says Bell. “They pick up on the energy of their environment, so they need time alone to refresh themselves and regain their strength.” So choose a chaise longue for meditation, or preferably furniture you can lie on to collect your thoughts.

Fiberglass Lounge Chair, 1stdibs ($5,800)

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