You Should 100% Let Your Astrological Sign Plan Your Summer Vacation

Consider the stars your travel agent.

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The beauty of astrology is that it’s perfect for self-discovery. We’re all looking for insight into what makes us tick, right? And what better opportunity for rest and self-discovery than your next vacation? After all, you only get a handful of weeks off, if that, a year, so you really want to make it count by zeroing in on an experience that is wonderfully rich and enjoyable—and totally customizable according to your astrological sign. It turns out that letting your sun sign guide where you sunbathe isn’t such an out-there idea.

We asked Susan A. Lipshutz LCSW, an integrative psychotherapist, astrologer, and founder of Everyday Medicine Woman, about each sign’s dream getaway. We’re all unique beings, so every person and their preferences are different, but we narrowed your next escape down by sun signs, which are linked with your birth date. It’s like your CEO and internal compass. With that said, there are other variabilities, like your moon and rising signs, worth considering as well.

Nonetheless, if you’re wanting to escape, let us help you narrow down the destinations (and where to stay) that are best suited for your persona. Pack your bags—we’re going places.


Courtesy of the Bank Hotel


No matter where you go, Aries, you want to be on the go. “They’re always up for the experience of discovery,” says Lipshutz. Whatever they’re doing, they want to be experiencing it through movement, whether that be hiking, water sports, or, say, biking through town, like you can do in Stockholm.

The city has plenty of nooks and crannies to discover, and you can see those via movement, either boating or hopping on a bike to get around town. Aries would also love an African safari, where they can be in a whole new world and constantly on the move.


Courtesy of Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik


Ah, Taurus, you love to be present and actually experience a culture but at your own pace. Bulls like moving a bit slower and not rushing around town, as well as enjoying the senses and vibes of a place, like smelling the spices at a market or finding a hammock to read a good book. They like to know the expectations around them and need time to settle into place.

A Taurus prefers an established, well-respected place to stay—and they don’t like being deceived, like when a hotel or Airbnb isn’t as described, but then again, who would? Taureans love a sensory experience like Croatia, Morocco, or Costa Rica, all of which have special small treasures to thoughtfully explore.


Courtesy of RYO KAN Mexico

Mexico City

Geminis do not easily get overwhelmed in hectic places that others might, so they can easily handle intense cities like Delhi, Tokyo, or Mexico City. But how they view and interact with a city is much different than most people. “They like a place that, wherever they go, they really feel like they’re having these experiences of meeting people, and it’s the people for them who open up a location,” says Lipshutz.

They’re less concerned with the place they’re staying and more focused on being in a good location that’s easy to get around town. “If they go to a restaurant, they want to go to a spot the locals go or somewhere where they can learn, watching the food being made and talking to the person making it—they want that shared experience,” says Lipshutz.   Colorful Mexico City, with its old-world charm, will make any Gemini overjoyed. And surprisingly, a Ryokan in the middle of the city is the perfect dichotomy (calmness in the chaos) for you, dear Gemini.




Water sign Cancers need to be one with the elements. That probably sounds vague, but basically, they need time to be restored by nature. These sensitive crabs particularly love being near a body of water and thrive by the beach while being taken care of and pampered. Chilling near water is important, but so is food. “They really love good food; they want to be nourished and nurtured with food,” says Lipshutz.

Sure, they love going out and exploring the sights, but first they need their hotel to be restorative. Cancers will flourish (and rest peacefully) in wildly luxe places like the French Polynesia islands. But if they don’t want to travel quite that far, a place like Hotel San Cristobal is perfect too. They can chill beach- or poolside, sleep well in the restful rooms, and sip on artisanal mezcal margaritas while reading a book. That is quite literally heaven to any Cancer.


Courtesy of Blue Lagoon


Leo is here to play. Fun-loving, movement-oriented Leos want to have a good time, but they also want the ability to influence the trip. They like adding on to set plans or itineraries, whether that be a dish to a menu, an additional excursion to a planned day trip, or a song to a musical performance they’re watching, and if a Leo’s ignored, they won’t have fun.

Action-packed destinations and busy day trips will make a playful Leo sing, so they’ll love an otherworldly place like Iceland. While they don’t necessarily want danger, a Leo loves a creative twist. They’ll be at their heart’s content ATV’ing atop the (very!) steep mountains that look like Mars or experiencing the once-in-a-lifetime Blue Lagoon geothermal waters.


Courtesy of Artist Residence London


“Virgos are control freaks,” says Lipshutz. (She said it, not us!) Knowing a trip is well-planned and organized makes it an enjoyable experience for them. A really incredible concierge is vital and makes them feel so much better during their stay.

They find so much happiness in the order, tidiness, and history of London. A Virgo relaxes when they know everything is taken care of, so the ability to plan and know everything is on track will make them pleased as pudding. They’ll also love exploring museums, getting around town with the on-time trains, and staying in a place with impeccable service. Check out the boutique Artist Residence near Westminster, which has the charming vibe of a super-luxe Airbnb but with the service and care of a five-star hotel.


Courtesy of Les Roches Rouges

French Riviera

No one loves beauty like a Libra, and they notice all the little details: a room’s signature scent, the concierge’s greeting, the accent pillows—nothing gets by them. Not just because they love the little details, but because they are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings.

They’ll love a place where the smallest of small items, from the water glasses to the bathroom’s toothbrush holder, are thoughtful touches. “They love very good service and they might even change their room a few times just to ensure it’s perfect,” says Lipshutz. A Libra will prosper in a lush, romantic setting, like Florence or the South of France. Try out Les Roches Rouges, which is not only smack-dab in the gorgeous Provence region, but every single detail of the boutique hotel is absolute perfection.


Courtesy of Aman


All eyes are usually on the compelling Scorpio, so it’s not surprising they’d want their vacations to be profound and intense experiences. They’re happiest climbing the highest mountain, swimming in the depths of the deepest part of the sea, or even doing ayahuasca in the Amazonian Basin. Scorpios are not just looking for an experience—they’re looking for a transformative pilgrimage.

“Not just an adventure, but they want to go somewhere where they don’t know how they’re getting back home,” says Lipshutz. Maybe they want to climb the Himalayan mountains, but they still want safety, so they’ll have a Sherpa.

Or it doesn’t have to be dangerous per se, but they still want the full experience, so they’d also love learning how to weave from the masters in Oaxaca. “They’re looking for an experience (not just seeing it) and they want to come back with a story (and maybe a scar or two),” she says.

They’d love the once-in-a-lifetime Amankora in Bhutan, which not only looks otherworldly but also has a plethora of adventurous experiences that will please any scorpion.


Courtesy of Scorpios


It’s said that there are no strangers to Sagittariuses, just friends they haven’t met yet. They’re also called the ultimate travelers because they’re wonderfully optimistic, playful, talkative (albeit blunt), and adaptive—they’ll find joy wherever they are. (Look at you, Sag!)

They’re natural teachers and want to know the depths and origins of many things, so they’d love Greece. There they can island-hop, see the origins of the modern world, and be surrounded by animals and music. “They want to see everything, so they’re content taking a small bag and traveling along a location, finding spots to stay as they travel, unplanned,” says Lipshutz.

Sagittariuses don’t necessarily want to stay in one hotel the entire time, but they’d probably love stopping by the new Soho House in Mykonos for a night or two. They can meet new friends, eat good food, and then pack up and see the next spot, just as Sag likes. They’d also love a historical place like New Orleans, where they can adventurously check out the unique city and connect with the locals.


Courtesy of The Ranch Malibu

The Ranch Malibu

“To get a really great place on a good deal would make a Capricorn very happy,” says Lipshutz. While everyone loves a nice place for a reasonable price, Capricorns especially love getting a killer deal. They also love an itinerary, so much so that it can stress them out a bit. Best to take the heat of planning everything off their shoulders and stay at a luxe resort such as The Ranch Malibu. “They want to be able to be so well taken care of that they can enjoy themselves,” she says.

In order for Capricorns to really feel like they’re on vacation, they need responsibilities to be taken off their plate. Places like The Ranch help regiment and plan out an itinerary so it’s customized to their wants and goals (whether that be something like de-stressing or cleansing). A Capricorn is also really loyal to family and lineage, so they love bringing along family or friends and are also more keen to stay at a family-owned hotel or eat at a family-run restaurant.


Courtesy of Sister City, Photography by Brian W. Ferry

New York

Aquariuses are looking to go off-the-grid and find a unique subculture to explore. (You rebel, you.) They’re known to disappear and are perfectly happy traveling alone. If they do travel with others, they really love taking a few hours to explore on their own, where no one can find them. “They want to get lost, have their experiences, and then they might not tell people what they did when they came back,” says Lipshutz. They love interesting museums with uncommon art, unparalleled food that isn’t fancy per se but authentic, and free choice when it comes to the itinerary. An Aquarius loves a rebellious locale, like Berlin, New York, or San Francisco—places where they can disappear into a neighborhood and come back hours later with a tale they’ll keep to themselves. Any Aquarius would love New York’s newest and buzziest hotel, Sister City, which has pared-back rooms with thoughtful elements and inspired details.


Courtesy of Hotel Joaquin

Laguna Beach

Ah, the tender, sensitive Pisces; these beautiful souls feel everything and vacations are vital for them. The water sign thrives near bodies of water, natch, but they also want a mystical experience with their getaway. “They want to come back feeling like they’ve elevated into a new level of their own mystery,” says Lipshutz. (That is deep, Pisces!)

They love a coast and especially like staying right beside the water or even on top of it, like with a dreamy Tahiti bungalow perched on the ocean. Bali is also the perfect getaway for a Pisces, as they’re naturally psychic and can connect with the mystical energy there. Check out The Slow, which is chiller than chill and is the perfect escape for a sensitive traveler.

For those who want to stay stateside, Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach is a Pisces dream. The rooms are tranquil, homey, and impeccably designed, and it’s only a 30-second walk to a quiet little surf alcove. You need this hideaway, Pisces.

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