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For someone who hasn’t walked any further than the trash bins outside of my apartment building for more than a month, I’m doing fine—and I chalk that up to a key component of my personality: I’m a home-loving Taurus. I don’t necessarily live my life with the stars as my guide, but I do admit that I’ve leaned more and more into astrology over the past few years. So with the world in flux and the future uncertain, I turned to an astrologer to figure out how I could find peace in quarantine.

Using the app Sanctuary, I had a 15-minute conversation with an astrologer named Sterling Bowen, who, after looking at the chart I provided, giving my birth date, time, and location, revealed that Mars was, at this very moment, moving through my 4th House of home and security. So what did that mean?

Basically, that I’d been doing exactly as I should. “This is a really good opportunity to make your home and loved ones the focus of your magic and effort,” said Bowen. “Mars is like a battery wherever it goes—it gives us energy.” I noted that I had been buying more plants to fill my apartment and was assured that this was, in fact, a good move. Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn were also about to station retrograde—basically, this meant I was going to have a reflective summer. Writing, I was told, was a must—a good note to receive, given my profession. 

Confident that I’d been acting in accordance with both the stars and my own personal interests, I asked another question: Was there anything that I should keep in mind while sheltering in place with my roommates, a Capricorn and a Gemini, respectively? It turns out that it’s not so complicated. Beown assured me that good communication is key, and that their signs exist, even in smaller doses, in my own chart. So: We have more in common than we might realize. 

Still, the planets align for everyone in different ways, so I turned to another Sanctuary astrologer, Julia Arielle Modorsky, to learn how each sign can find new ways to cope in quarantine. She recommends looking not just at your sun sign, but also your moon, rising, and Venus to find the best strategy for you. If you need a rundown, it’s fairly simple: Your sun is how you outwardly express yourself; your moon is your inner emotions; your rising is your persona; and your Venus is how you connect with others. To find out your placements, all you have to do is enter your birth date, time, and month into a birth chart calculator (like the one on Sanctuary).


Writers & Lovers book cover
‘Writers & Lovers’, Grove Press ($16)

You love to take initiative, and you can still do that while you’re staying at home. Organize a Zoom chat or book club—we recommend a new spring read, like Lily King’s Writers & Lovers—and get involved in a cause you’re most interested in, even if you have to do so virtually. Passionate about the planet? Future Earth has lots of resources to help you learn more.


Round Variegated Stripe Picnic Blanket
Round Variegated Stripe Picnic Blanket, Sun Squad ($15)

You’re naturally calm and grounded—during this time, it’s necessary to spread that energy. Make space for yourself by going outside and observing what’s around you, or just lying on a blanket and listening to some Cat Stevens. As always, some new houseplants can do you some good.


Ideas Notebook
Ideas Notebook, Poketo ($10)

You’re probably asking a lot of questions. Get that book you’ve been thinking of reading and take that online course you’ve been considering. (Or if you need a suggestion, Kelly Wearstler is sharing her design expertise in a MasterClass.) Learning more and sharing your findings will be helpful.


Bottle Garden Grow Kit
Bottle Garden Grow Kit, Terrain ($15)

It’s all about creativity. Make some music—or get inspired by a particularly good playlist—and plant a veggie garden (maybe using your food scraps to do so). Focus on projects that help you to feel comfortable at home—we have plenty of ideas to get you started. 


Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, Bonaok ($33)

You like to be heard, recognized, appreciated, and celebrated. Now is the time to post on social media—and maybe even make a TikTok account. Right about now, we need a bold presence taking charge, and you’re a natural entertainer. Your schedule is likely full with video hangouts, so why not up the ante with some Zoom games?


Peach yoga mat
Yoga Mat, YETI ($47)

Develop a yoga routine if you haven’t already (Sky Ting and Yoga With Adriene have you covered) and try breathwork (follow Jenn Tardif’s strategy). It’s very easy for you to overanalyze situations, which just leads to more worries. Let go and focus on things that will help you feel zen.  


Bel Ritual Candle
Bel Ritual Candle, 3rd Ritual ($175)

You’re all about creating peace and harmony—you’re the mediator of the group. Bring that expertise to your home by trying feng shui; make it a project that you tackle in your free time. Even rearranging the furniture in your space can make it feel totally different—these designer tips can help.


Mini Projector
Mini Projector, Meer ($70)

You’re one to research and dive deeply, but you want to be careful not to close yourself off to others, especially in this time. Share your research (whether it’s a Wiki rabbit hole you went down or the latest news of the day) with friends and cultivate intimacy by getting vulnerable. That new documentary might be worth your attention.


Pencil Set
Draw Your Day Sampler Set, C.W. Pencil Enterprise ($21)

You’re a natural teacher, so if you have something that you’re able to share, put together a course—or if you know someone who could use some help with homeschooling, offer up a Zoom session that will keep the kids entertained and informed. If you do have little ones at home, consider using your pantry staples in your lesson plan.


Naturopathica Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes
Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes, Naturopathica ($40)

You’ve likely gotten deeply immersed in work, but it’s important to make time for yourself and your family. Construct a routine that prevents you from spending 24-7 at your work-from-home station. Set strict hours for yourself, and once you’ve put away your laptop, consider taking an Epsom salts bath to ease any tension you might be feeling.


Nintendo Switch Lite
Switch Lite, Nintendo ($220)

Your ideas are pretty out there, and that’s what we need right now. Don’t censor yourself—now is the perfect opportunity to switch up your hair color. This sign is also likely to enjoy gaming, so if you’ve been considering Animal Crossing, go for it—it will also give you another method to stay connected with friends. 


Cat bowl
Mesa Bowl, Cat Person ($40)

You’ve probably been feeling all the feelings, so you should express yourself—journaling, in addition to scheduling regular virtual hangouts, can be a huge help. If you have pets, enjoy your cuddling sessions, and if you don’t, have you considered fostering?

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