Ever Wish You Could Hire Kelly Wearstler? This Is the Next Best Thing

Tap her expertise through a new virtual class.
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Kelly Wearstler wants to turn you into a designer. Well, sort of. She just launched a virtual program with MasterClass (its first-ever class in interior design) that includes 18 different video lessons, ranging from tips on experimenting with color to everything you need to know about picking the right furnishings. The best part is you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa. 

There really is no better person to give a behind-the-scenes look at the industry than Wearstler. Her take on modern glam basically reinvented Regency style; from her funky furniture collections to carefully curated hotels, she’s always creating. And now we get a glimpse behind the curtain, starting with what Wearstler says is the key in any design project: finding inspiration. Stay tuned for “field trips” to the still-under-construction DTLA Proper Hotel (one of her latest projects) to see how she pulls it all together. 

As for the arguably most important lesson? It’s on a topic that Wearstler considers to be super-underrated: navigating an awkwardly shaped home. “I like to approach these areas as you would design a boat,” she explains. “Space is a luxury, and you need to use it to your benefit—especially if it’s very small.” 

Whether you want to rearrange your furniture or need some guidance on the right paint finish, this course is one of the more practical things to try while cooped up inside. Race you to the sign-up form. 

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