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What Color to Paint Your Walls, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarians: Go for electric blue.

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Color risks can be scary. A bright pink armchair in your Saved folder on Instagram, an all-green tile backsplash for the kitchen, or even a rainbow rug for the living room are all tempting but hard to commit to. So let’s start small(er): with paint.

Picking the right tone is no easy feat. It has to match your space, your stuff, and, well, you. And what better way to understand yourself than by turning to the stars? Astrology offers endless insights into your personality (for instance, most Cancers can relate to feeling extra emotional), so why not let it guide your paint picks as well. Whether you want to transform an entire zone or just one wall, we’ve put together the hues you should turn to, according to your zodiac sign.


Not known for their subtlety, Aries should opt for the obvious: bold red. Perfect as a poppy accent, or, if you’re a particularly feisty ram, an entire room, this shade screams “Don’t mess with me.” In true Aries fashion, you’ll kick-start the project and lead your gang of helping hands straight to the finish line.


As grounded as earthy Taureans are known to be, they’ll also always be loyal to luxury. So why not choose a color that can be both? A springlike sage green speaks to your love of nature while still feeling elevated. This way, your space will be an opulent oasis with plenty of room for your favorite things: routines and relaxing.


When we think of chatty, charismatic Geminis, we immediately think of sunshine yellow. As bright as your mind is sharp, this shade will energize your newspaper-reading, phone-chatting, dinner-party-hosting self. If you want a more understated look, let a canary sofa reflect your multifaceted nature.


Just as crabs need to retreat into their shells, so too do Cancers. You are a nester at heart, so a calming hue will give you the respite you so often crave. A delicate pale blue will feel like a comforting hug, providing the safe space you need to emotionally recharge and gear up for your next shell-shattering outing.


Picture this: You’re at the opera, the pinnacle of theatrical events, where a lush plum curtain with gold fringe waits to rise on an awe-inspiring evening. Now imagine a Leo’s living room. Similar? We thought so. The zodiac’s resident drama queen, you’re vibrant, passionate, and exceedingly charming. An unexpected pop of burgundy will add a striking flair fit for Leo royalty. 


Virgos know that practical is not the same as boring. Just because you don’t want to paint your walls a wacky color doesn’t mean you don’t have a fun side. A muted neutral will help you get in the clearheaded mind-set you require to function at your preferred full speed. No frills, no problem.


Lovers of, well, love, romantic Libras are ruled by Venus, so ballet pink is a given for the effortlessly elegant and balanced sign of the scales. Leaning into your aesthetic side has never been a problem for you, so allowing your space to take on a graceful vibe is as natural as mediating an argument or flirting up a storm.


Moody and enigmatic, Scorpios need walls that match their mysterious depths. An almost-black gray is intense enough to heighten a witchy lair (read: bedroom) or a ghost story–exclusive library (read: living room). As the water sign most in touch with the dark side, the lack of light won’t bring you down; rather, like a true Scorpio, it will make you feel alive. 


There’s something about a zippy orange that makes us want to run, skip, and jump right into the arms of adventure—naturally, it belongs in the home of a Sagittarius. You’re the restless sign of movement, spontaneity, and higher knowledge, so use the bright tangerine to invigorate your space (even though you’re rarely there). 


Even during their downtime, Capricorns are always working. Your home’s color scheme should keep you on track (nothing vibrant or distracting) while reflecting your power. A blue-gray reminiscent of a cloudy day will not only allow determined goats like you to focus on the task at hand (you always have one) but also encourage you to curl up on the couch from time to time. 


As the quirkiest members of the zodiac, Aquarians require stop-and-make-you-look walls. An electric blue is the perfect combination of unexpected and inspiring to bring out your weird side. Expect the color to become hip in no time, because as a trendsetter, you always do it first. 


Empathetic Piscean heads are always in the clouds, so their walls should reflect a hue as dreamy as they are. A soft lilac won’t only help you reset (you are very influenced by the energies of those around you), it will also create a haven for your imagination to take flight, nurturing your strong intuition and endless creativity.

This story was originally published in March 2020 and has since been updated. 

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