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As 2018 comes to an end, we’re naturally looking forward to the year ahead. What should you aim for in 2019? Jupiter, the planet of luck, faith, optimism, and abundance travels through its home sign of Sagittarius all year, so now is the time to aim high. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. Point your arrow toward the stars and you are sure to hit the moon. And with the luck of Jupiter on your side, your accuracy just might surprise you.

Unlike some New Year’s resolutions, these astrologically inspired mantras aren’t so lofty that you won’t be able to keep them. Know that 2019 is *your* year, so go after the things you really want. You never know what targets you’ll hit, but here are the ones we know you can!   

Sagittarius Celebrate Yourself

This year, it’s all about you. Jupiter is in your sign, bringing that sense of limitlessness your way. You may have been more introspective over the past year, but now it’s time to bring it all out into the open. Come on, and don’t be shy. It’s okay to admit how extra you are.

You’re loud, opinionated, extravagant, and honest (and we love you for it). You might be too bright for some, but never apologize and always speak your truth. You know who your people are, but you can expect to feel even more popular this year (and increase your social media following). You’re always so generous with us, but this year, let yourself have the first slice of pecan pie.

Since this year is all about freedom, see if you can let go of the situation that has become too big of an expense or an energetic drain. Focus on the things that call you with open arms and gallop toward them. It’s time for a new adventure. 2019 is your year to rediscover and celebrate yourself to the fullest.

Capricorn Trust the Process

In many ways, you feel like you’re starting over. Maybe you’ve lost interest in some of the things that used to define you, but you are in a brand-new process of becoming. You are stepping into a role of authority in your life, which calls for maturity and realness. Already, you are beginning to implement new goals and aspirations, though it may be too early to discern what your end game might be. Now is the time to trust the unfolding. You are a do-it-yourself kind of person, though right now not everything may be in your control.

This year, you greatly benefit from time spent alone. Maybe you’re called to “let go” on your yoga mat or maybe you are busy working on a big project that’s not quite ready for the world to see.

Time to yourself fuels your creativity—a stellar ingredient in the creation of your new life. Another way to trust that the universe has your back? Helpful people seem to show up when you need them, so rest assured, Capricorn. Trust the process!

Aquarius Be Patient

It’s true, Aquarius, patience may not be your strongest suit, but we promise it’s worth the wait. There is a deep restlessness in your soul. You are as ready for change as you are apprehensive, and yet it may not be time to make moves.

Changes may take place in the home this year, though overall, this is a year of valuable reflection—where you have succeeded and which endeavors have not been the most fruitful. When life gets busy, processing and reflection get thrown in the junk drawer. 2019 is a period when you finally revisit that junk drawer and reassess each item with fresh eyes.

With patience, anything that seems like a setback can eventually become a source of empowerment moving forward. This year, your friends will be a major source of inspiration, upliftment, and joy. You never know, that connection they offer may prove to be extremely beneficial later. You know that the best things in life are worth waiting for, so have fun with your friends now and worry about the future when it gets here.

Pisces  Redefine What Success Looks Like

You may not feel the most comfortable in the spotlight, but this is your year to finally get noticed for your efforts, achievements, and hard work. Definitely don’t shy away from the limelight this year—it’s sure to take you places! So often you willingly pick up the overflow without asking for much in return.

Yes, it’s possible that the raise you deserve might be handed to you, but you might as well go ahead and ask for it. Be bold! The more you speak up, the more you can capitalize on the blessings available to you now. You might feel like you’ve hit a benchmark long sought after, so what’s next? Quit being humble for a moment and dream bigger.

Whatever you want career-wise, ask and you just might get it. If you are considering opening your own business, keep it as a side hustle for now. We want you reaping generous rewards where you’re certain they’ll derive. Life takes on a new pace this year, one where your dreams become your reality. Believe that it’s yours.

Aries  Expand Your Reach

You are always restless, but now you feel it in your soul. This is your year to expand your horizons, whether this takes place in a classroom or you are galloping toward the other side of the world to a beach with black sand. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to study or an area where you’d like to deepen your understanding, don’t wait for a reason to pursue it other than you simply want to. If you have always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, travel through Europe, or escape to Bali for a yoga retreat, this is your year to finally do it.

Whatever horizons you seek this year can be exponentially illuminating, the kind of experiences that leave a lasting impression for years to come. And to be honest, it looks like you could use the escape right now. With all the responsibility you’ve been handed recently, the eye-opening experiences you seek this year will provide you with the stamina you need to keep going.

Alternatively, if you are at a professional crossroads right now, your adventure may reveal a sunnier path. This is your year to bravely go the distance.

Taurus Embrace Change

You prefer to move through life at a comfortable pace, though, as of late, it may seem like that beloved steadiness is getting harder to come by. Like your favorite bottle of salad dressing, your life is receiving a good shake to stir up the ingredients at the bottom that aren’t making enough of an appearance outside of the jar.

Yes, Taurus, you are being woken up to access more of your potential. There are latent talents and potentials of yours ready to be harnessed. Change seems to be all around you and sure, it can be a tad jolting.

In many ways, you are ready to see the world through fresh eyes. As a Taurus, you experience the joys of life through your five senses—you appreciate quality fabrics, luxurious candles, the perfect prosecco, and you may have superior taste in music. But this year, you are asking the deeper questions that take you below the surface: What makes that person tick, how can the world be so cruel, and why do Tarot cards work?

Your friends are here for you (especially the mystical ones) to discuss theories on life and to reassure you during those hectic moments.

Gemini  Surround Yourself With Those Who Inspire You

You are always the social butterfly, but this year will be an especially exciting time in your one-on-one relationships—romantic, platonic, and even professional dynamics. This year, the people in your life bring you exceptional joy. You might meet new people who are inspiring and uplifting to the max or perhaps those closest to you suddenly seem to be in a very happy place in their lives.

Breathe new life into current relationships by planning adventures, going on dates, and setting the intention to cultivate more romance together. 2019 could go down in history as one of those *really* wonderful years together.

Get ready to swoon—you could meet someone new who feels like a soulmate. Just be sure to keep your feet steady in case things start moving too fast. Any issues in relationships will be easily brought to light, and both parties should be enthusiastic to work through them (even if that solution is an amicable split).

Find freedom in relationships this year. Be truthful, be open, and ask for what you want. With so many people and so little time, be sure to plan accordingly.

Cancer Treat Your Body With Love and Kindness

As sensitive as you are, you know that your well-being depends on much more than just the foods you eat. Your body responds to your environment and your state of mind. You might have received a wake-up call from your body a couple of years ago, and while you knew it was time to put a hard stop to sweets or rising stress levels, change is always harder when it isn’t on your terms.

This year, you can feel enthusiastic about your new lifestyle. Maybe you finally feel free in your body. It looks like this year will be a busy one, so be sure to build a moment of relief into your schedule on a regular basis. You need the freedom to be creative and to follow your own flow (because that’s how you roll).

This year, eyes are on you in a new way. You’re getting noticed for your stride, your achievements, and your originality. Relationships are ready to take to a new level in your life, so remember that the better you care for yourself, the more those relationships will benefit as well.

Leo  Live Your Life in the Moment

This year, you’ll aim to celebrate life as it arises. Be present to your feelings, your creativity, and the pleasures in life. By nature, you are an expressive person, though this year you may not be able to hold back as you sometimes do. Let your feelings be known.

If you have children, 2019 may be an exceptional year in their lives or time spent with them. Sparks may fly in your romantic life—sounds great all around, doesn’t it? However, the challenge will be for you to create the space in your busy schedule to enjoy more of these moments. If you are in a creative field, this could be a year when you are on fire.

Much has come to light over the past year about who you are and how you shine most effectively in your life. Make no excuses. This is your year to prioritize these gifts and celebrate the vibrancy of your life.

Virgo Be Confident

You know that this is a New Year’s mantra that you could keep forever. This year is your year to overcome a tremendous amount of worry or self-doubt. You are someone who often notices those tiny snags in an otherwise perfect picture, however, this is your year to take a big step back and appreciate the glorious panorama of your life.

Confidence is sourced from your private life and trusting your own inner guidance. Your family is a wonderful source of encouragement, joy, and excitement. This year, the family may be growing, so expect weddings and new babies. You feel the need to expand within your own home as well—either by moving or updating your space to anchor in that renewed cheer.

Your partner might also be an incredible source of generosity and love this year. This is a joyous time, Virgo, so whatever you do, don’t overthink it.

Libra Share Your Ideas, They’re Good

As an air sign, you are known to be a social creature, but truth be told, you do not get enough credit for how smart you are. Why? Because you are so adept at working the room, understanding social cues, and fiercely adhering to the pace in any given social situation.

Admit it: You rarely initiate a crescendo (unless you’ve had four-plus drinks). But this year, it’s okay to “go there.” Speak your truth and express your thoughts without worrying if anyone will be there to agree with you. You might surprise yourself as you steer the conversations this year and plenty of people are getting on board with what you have to say—and hey, no worries if not. Your ability to see both sides of an issue makes for a great debate.

If you are involved with writing or teaching, expect this year to be especially creative. You might aim to expand your vocabulary or join a book club (just one reason you’ll need a bigger bookshelf). Go ahead, Libra, this is your year to give us the facts.

Scorpio Embrace You Self-Sufficiency

For you, dear Scorpio, you often focus on needing others so much that you forget that you can do it yourself—sometimes even better. This is your year to take your power back and quit waiting for the other person to give it to you. Any career risks you made last year are already starting to pay off. You can stand to make more money this year, and when your wallet is overflowing, you’ll be tempted to spend it. Go ahead and ball out a little.

With so much excitement in your career, sometimes you’ve got to dress the part to keep the benefits rolling in. We’re not saying you should budget. Those days can be put on the backburner if you so choose, but this is an excellent year to pump up your savings account.

Whether you are inspired by the new, vivacious people entering your life or you’re watching your friends fearlessly go after their dreams, you, too, are feeling encouraged to live bolder. Anchoring self-reliance into your world leads your relationships to blossom in new ways (and may even help you attract different types of people altogether). You got this, Scorpio.

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