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November is here! The leaves are falling, the days are cooling, and boot season is in full swing. And for those in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to “fall back” as daylight savings time comes to an end. The Sun may not be providing us with as much natural light this time of year, but fortunately, there’s a fix for that: indoor lighting. This time of year, it’s up to us to create more of our own light. And with so many on-trend options to choose from, where to begin? Here is your sun sign’s illuminated guide to indoor lighting this fall and winter.


March 21 – April 19Often enthusiastic and animated, it’s usually not hard for you to get noticed. But at the beginning of the month, you may not be getting the usual love and attention you are so accustomed to. Has your distinctive charm lost its charm? Not to worry Aries. This phase is short lived when you remember that a little extra effort goes a long way. Relationships receive a fresh gust of energy about a week into the month, lasting through the end. Be open to reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with.

Over the past year, you’ve done a lot of soul-searching and maybe you’ve been a little quieter than usual, but that chapter comes to a close just in time for Thanksgiving where you’ll surely be the life of the party. Light up your living room with this elegant gold wire lantern by Zara Home to set a sweet ambiance for when guests arrive. (Also great for helping you locate the pause button on your remote late night.)


April 20 – May 20Grounded, practical, sweet and steady‒ we know we can always depend on you! But sometimes that expectation from others gets to be too much (understandably so). Lately, it may feel as if you’ve been putting in more effort than you’ve been getting back. This month, it’s time to shake off some of that built up pressure both in your personal and professional life. Honor your time and energy by reserving your right to say “no.”

Big changes and departures are ongoing in the workplace, and with daily operations in flux (and you being so reliable), people may be coming to you for help. Indeed it’s a compliment, but you may want to make sure it’s truly worth your while before you commit. This month, say yes to freedom and creativity. Break up the routine and bring more texture into your world. You can start with this slate blue teardrop lamp by Crate and Barrel. Exquisite and funky ‒ just the thing you need on your end table while you browse Pinterest at the end of the day.


May 21 – June 20You might come off as a jokester or even a bit of a know-it-all, but it’s true, you are smart and hilarious (the whole package, as some might say). This month, you’ll be asked to put your brains and wit to the test when you step up to sharpen those skills. You may find yourself in some sort of mentorship dynamic—either passing along those tricks of the trade you’ve picked up along the way, or on the receiving end, learning new techniques from another. Either way, you’re cool with it.

This month, it’s all about those valuable connections—and speaking of which, you may be doing a lot of reconnecting with friends (or lovers) you’ve lost touch with. If that memory is strong enough (and it feels right), go ahead and reach out. They might be thinking of you too! Regardless, as you enhance those skills of yours, help set your sights high with this modern brass chandelier by Crate and Barrel—sleek, classy and on top of it, just like you this month.  


June 21 – July 22Sensitive to your immediate environment, the changing seasons tend to have an effect on your mood. So you go with it, redecorating a bit with each season. But this month, you might connect with even bigger visions for your home life. Maybe it’s finally time to start planning that bathroom remodel you’ve wanted to tackle since you moved in? This is an especially creative month for you, so allow yourself plenty of space in the schedule to allow your heart to whimsically lead you. And make a habit of it!

2019 will be a big year for you, so that extra space you can maintain in the routine will prove to be beneficial—especially for someone (you) who prefers to go with the flow whenever possible. Set the mood for calm and cool with this overhead glass pendant from Houzz. Go with grey. It’s perfect for those contemplative winter vibes you crave on a quiet night at home, as well as for moody lowlight for when the music turns up.  


July 23 – August 22With a contagious warmth about you, you shine the most when you are in your element (and because you are multi-talented, you probably have a few of those). Lately, you’ve been pondering the effectiveness of your shine. There’s an innate restlessness and readiness to be more authentically visible. You’d like to be seen for who you truly are. These insights might encourage you to take some professional risks—you might request different projects (which highlight your natural gifts) or maybe it means finding a new role altogether.

You’re a natural leader, so take charge and go for it! But first, there might be some matters to tend to at home. Your home and family are your roots. Like a tree, the nourishment received at the roots influences your reach. Around the 20th, you may have an important choice to make. But don’t let it be about lighting. Go with the none other than the gold and black Saturn pendant from Houzz, and feel free to mix and match similar pendants. Perfect lighting for those lowkey evenings gathered on kitchen barstools indulging in chit-chat and charcuterie.


August 23 – September 22One of your greatest gifts is your agile mind. Intelligent, crafty and basically a human encyclopedia, you are a whiz with anything you put your mind to. The only snag that comes with this gift is the tendency to overthink. Keep this in mind as you set out to do your research this month (winter break travel deals…surf lessons….surviving a shark bite….?!). 2019 is the year worry takes a backseat.

A major boost of optimism and confidence begins to take root later in the month, which will help you maintain focus on the big picture over the next year. Feeling expansive, you might grow to crave more space at home—maybe considering a move into a larger home, relocating the home office elsewhere, or simply minimizing and decluttering your living space. So when it comes to light fixtures, think  “slender,” and “glass.” Go with the sleek triple Torchiere floor lamp from Houzz —the perfect piece to accompany you curled up in an oversized chair with a blanket and a good book.


September 23 – October 22For you, balance is a natural state of existence…. at least ideally. Inherently agreeable, you tend to take on more than you can comfortably manage. And after a while, it becomes necessary for you to take stock of everything you’re carrying and decide which items you need to shelve (permanently or temporarily). This month, you find yourself in another one of these tidy-up-your-life periods. Prioritize your time and energy according to what’s most important for you right now.

Even though you are a natural at connecting and relating with others, you might be on the receiving end of a wake-up call in the relationship department. But hey, don’t feel bad! It’s easy to take a natural gift for granted. 2019 will be a year that you get to tune your communication skills‒ both in person and digitally. So get a head start when you host the gang at your place this weekend. Overhead lights can be harsh late at night, so go with this beautiful set of champagne end table lamps by Crate and Barrel to arrange on either side of the couch. Because you know, balance!


October 23 – November 21Happy birthday to you! You know you’ve come full circle (other than that last lap around the Sun) because everything finally feels like it’s in its rightful place. It’s been a bold year of putting yourself out there and taking some courageous risks. And it feels damn good. So this year, revel in it a little; don’t shy away from celebrating yourself! Undoubtedly, when you want something, you always find a way to get it. And then before you know it, you’re onto the next chase again.

Later this month, ambition sets your sights on another goal: enjoyment. Whether you’re joining a bowling league with your friends or decide to take that screen-printing class, do it purely because it sounds like fun. Relationships are in for an upgrade, which means it’s a good time to cultivate some of that extra romance. Set the mood with a romantic chandelier arranged in the corner of the bedroom. It’s slightly unexpected, which lends to that mysterious poetic vibe that you can’t resist.  


November 22 – December 21Over the past year, you may have been more introverted than usual; but hey, even the most lively people need space for themselves every once in a while. Your cocoon phase is soon coming to an end, so savor this last bit of quiet time while you await your cue to leap. You may have been working on a behind-the-scenes project over the past year, soon ready for the world to see. Motivation strikes mid-month, manifesting as an urgency to push projects out the door. (This is your cue!)

Extra talkative, you’ll be fired up just in time for the holidays. Your innate desire for adventure is stirred awake. Be open. And for those quiet nights of integration that you still need, set the mood with the Caleb Lanterns by Pottery Barn. Sturdy and timelessly evocative, these stunning handmade lanterns are the perfect addition to a cozy evening indoors gathered with a blanket in the living room, or beside the bathtub for a relaxing evening soak.


December 22 – January 19Practical, and ambitious, you prefer to use your time wisely (for you, even relaxation is purposeful). Over the past month, changes have been underway at work, and now you are looking to team up with others who are both dependable (obviously) are share your passion for what you do. You can’t be bothered with those who waste your time, but especially right now. This month, you’ll be reinforcing your connections in your network, both professionally and personally (as you also aim to create a sweet balance between work and play).

Happy hour seems to be calling your name this month, so look forward to plenty of evenings out with your friends. Good things come when you let your heart lead this month, so be open for those sparks to fly and definitely don’t worry about staying up past your bedtime. However, relaxation attracts valuable insights toward the end of the month. Arrange this unique contemporary hand-blown table lamp to help set the mood for downtime at the end of the day—perfect for reading in bed or staring at the ceiling envisioning your inevitable world takeover.


January 20 – February 18While it’s usually your mind that’s moving at lightning speed, this month life itself matches the pace. Big changes are taking root both at home and in your career. So get ready to be quick on your feet because this time, action is required. Once you outgrow a situation, it’s easy to feel confined. Craving more freedom and excitement for some time now, maybe you finally decided to take that class or learn that new skill to plump up your resume to help you out down the road. You play it cool, but underneath, you want more.

Motivation is your friend this month, so now is the time to go for it! Begin your upward reach with the Elise Modern Floor lamp. Futuristic and elegant, you’ll love that it sort of looks like a lightsaber, but your mom would still totally approve. Plant it on the floor in the living room for chill nights at home, or in the bedroom as your evening night light where you’ll no doubt need those extra zzz’s after adulting so hard.


February 19 – March 20Maybe it’s your enigmatic demeanor or your innate sensitivity to what people need to hear in any given moment, but people are mesmerized by you. You have a natural ability to mirror back to others their best qualities. This month, you could use this gift to your advantage. You spent your summer gaining more confidence in yourself as you practiced getting out of your own way. And now? It’s time to use your voice. The past few years, you’ve quietly put in a considerable effort on the job and now it’s your turn to get the recognition you deserve (speak up!).

Toward the end of the month, your natural allure peaks, heads are turning and an added boost of motivation arrives on the scene. Feeling unstoppable, go with the Lisette Lamp by Anthropologie. And even though the linen lampshade is included, you feel like a rockstar and might be tempted to splurge on this ultra-chic velvet lampshade in blush. See? Good things happen when you honor yourself. Go you!

Catherine Urban is a writer, astrologer and yogi who is currently feeling the lava lamp (and predicting it’s imminent resurgence). Follow @astrocatherine and visit her website here.  

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