Published on December 17, 2018

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Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

There are apps for literally everything these days—wine, horoscopes, sleeping, organizing, earning money…you name it. Whether you have a question, concern, problem, or are just looking to beat your boredom, you will find a solution in the palm of your hand.

So it should come as no surprise that this would translate into the realm of home decor as well. Specifically, when it pertains to renovating or redecorating it. With the abundance of home design apps out there, you can rest assured in the fact that you will be armed with the tools necessary for making your home the best version of itself.

Whether you are looking for step-by-step DIY instructions, the best color for your bedroom, blueprints for a floorplan, or just need some design inspiration, these are the apps that will have your home looking its best. Bonus: Most of these apps are free! Happy downloading.

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IKEA Place

For as much as we shop at the Swedish retailer, an app that gives us a peek of what each specific piece of furnishing will look like in our home sounds like a no-brainer. Nevermind the fact that it eliminates the headache of assembling an item only to discover that it barely fits within the confines of your room.

The app allows you to virtually, well, place any IKEA item in your home, allowing for a scaled-to-size visual representation of what it will look like.

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Settling on a single shade of paint for the walls is hard enough as is—figuring out what other hues to pair with it, decidedly more so. Enter Color911. From color specialist Amy Wax, the app allows users to organize colors and plan out palettes, and provides plenty of inspiration as well.


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“Pinterest is a great way to seek inspiration and create an ongoing mind map of ideas,” says Atlanta-based designer Tavia Forbes of Forbes + Masters. Although it might feel fairly intuitive, never underestimate the power of the Pin. Having Pinterest on-hand at all times makes it extra easy to source and save ideas on the go. Plus, having designated folders to house all your ideas will help keep you on track and organized, not to mention make it easier to share with others.

“It’s definitely my go-to app on my phone for quick inspo to show clients when discussing ideas,” adds blogger and designer Anita Yokota.

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Express

When you’re away from your desktop but desperately need to edit an image, there’s Photoshop Express. This free (!!) image altering app lets you filter, crop, design collages, adjust color, zoom, and more from the comfort of your finger tips. Bohemian queen and creator of The Jungalow, Justina Blakeney, Utah-based blogger Sarah Gibson, and Shea McGee of design firm studio mcgee are just a few pros who can’t live without Photoshop. Because one of the most satisfying ways to celebrate a finished space is to share it with the world.

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No tape measure? No problem. At least, that’s the motto of this digital measuring app—a life-saving tool natalie myers of Veneer Designs swears by. Just like a real-life tape measure, SizeUp lets you calculate the length, width, and height of a space or object by moving your phone from point to point.

Simply start by placing your smartphone on the surface you wish to measure, hit start, and slowly move the phone in a straight line to the end point. You can measure just about anything with SizeUp—even an entire apartment.

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photo measures

Photo Measures

Not unlike SizeUp, this app was created to make taking down measurements a lot less complicated. “Photo Measures by Cubent makes it easy to quickly gather and record measurements on the spot for future use,” says designer Andria Fromm.

While the app doesn’t measure objects or rooms for you, Photo Measures allows you to take photos of a space or piece of furniture and note the exact dimensions on the photos. If you’ve ever struggled to visualize a finished space or questioned whether or not something will fit, download this app ASAP.

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Want to know how that statement fixture is actually going to look hanging above your dining room table? How about that vintage armchair for the office? Homestyler lets you place high-quality, three-dimensional models of real furniture and products in your rooms—from rugs to mirrors to light fixtures. This is one must-have tool that Joanna Hawley of Jojotastic just started using to help her get a better sense of how a room can come together.

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If you need proof that an app can design a beautiful space, just take a look at this home, this one, and this one, too. They were all designed using Hutch. You simply upload a picture of your room, or you can skip this step and choose one of the app’s custom templates, and you’ll receive a 3D rendering of the room as a blank slate in less than an hour. Then, you can start designing by swapping out different items to see what looks best in your own space. Once you have your final design, you can even buy the products used to translate your fantasy into a real-life room refresh.

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Amikasa lets you create a 3Dfloor plann of your room, and decorate it with products, colors, and materials from real brands (any brand or designer can submit their products to be used). To start, you can choose from one of the predefined room shapes or create a custom floor plan. Then, set the exact dimensions in blueprint mode, and decorate and furnish your space with the catalog of colors and flooring materials.

Drag and drop furniture items into your room, and rearrange them to your liking. A final walkthrough mode allows you to get a feel for your room design and layout, in order to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

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For art lovers—aspiring or professional—’s just-launched app is a must-download. While yes, the “ArtView” function does show users exactly how artwork will look in a specific room, this app is so much more than a regular augmented reality app. You can literally plan all facets of your gallery wall from ideation to picture placement. Browse the preset layouts to choose your ideal configuration, see what the pieces would look like in your home, and purchase the actual art and frame in the app itself. With over 2 million ready-to-hang works of art available, you definitely won’t be short for choice.

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Color Capture

Benjamin Moore’s color matching app is every chromophile’s dream come true, and it just got a revamp to make it even more user-friendly. It’s basically like Shazam for paint: Upload an inspirational image with a color you’re hoping to replicate, and the app will pinpoint an exact match from Benjamin Moore’s bank of over 3,500 paints. With the update, users can browse similar color families—to find complementary shades, use the paint calculator to figure out how much you need for your room, and get info on which type of paint is best for your particular project.

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They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The old adage rings true with Chairish, except there’s nothing even remotely trash-like on this mobile app. You get pre-loved designer pieces for a fraction of the price—think: Eames, Knoll, and Chanel.  Once you’ve found the perfect piece, use the “View In Your Space” feature to see how it would look in your own home.

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home design 3D

Home Design 3D

This app makes it super easy to start a remodel project. First, lay down the floor plan and rework walls, then you can add and move furniture and architectural features until you can fully visualize your dream layout. Home Design 3D’s newest update even lets you print in full-color 3D printing. Simply scale the picture, order your print, and receive a 3D-printed model of your home project at your doorstep a few days later.

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This app makes your to-do list a bit more manageable. It’ll send you personal reminders and help manage your schedule, plus provide instructions for DIY projects or maintenance tasks. In short, it’s a handyman in your pocket.

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ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams


This app is Sherwin Williams’ version of a paint-picking tool. In addition to matching any color, the app allows users to browse its 1,500-plus shades and then apply them to virtual rooms—from your living room to your bathroom. Painting sample stripes on your room’s wall is a thing of the past.

“Color Snap from Sherwin Williams is a great onsite tool. It’s great for helping clients see color options in the moment,” says designer Andria Fromm.

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The fun thing about this interior design app is that you can browse millions (literally) of interior images and save them to an “ideabook.” Using the “Sketch” feature, annotate and draw directly on the images before sending to your family, roommate, or decorator for a second opinion. Each room is tagged according to style, room, and location, meaning if you can’t find home decor inspiration here, you’re likely not going to find it anywhere. Plus, with Houzz’s visual recognition technology, you can actually shop products and materials directly from the photos you find on the site.

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Kim Kardashian’s favorite shopping app recently got a home decor-friendly update. Branching out from strictly fashion, the latest version of Screenshop includes a wide selection of furniture and decor. Using this free app is super easy: Just upload a screenshot of an inspiration image you found online or on Instagram, and the app will scour the web for similar—or even exact—pieces from a variety of retailers. It does the hours of searching for you in a matter of seconds.

This article was originally published January 13, 2017. It has been updated with new information.

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