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Ah, the art of buying wine. Long gone are the collegiate days of two-buck chucks and acidic, low-quality boxed or bagged wine. Once you’ve developed a taste for the vino, finding the right bottle to match your preferences, price point, and occasion becomes more important than just finding the cheapest thing on the supermarket shelf.

Whether you’re committed to stocking your bar cart, finding the perfect blend to complement your meal, or just buying a quality glass to unwind with at the end of a long day, know you’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed in the wine aisle, or when faced with a fancy wine list at a restaurant. And thanks to technology, there are some pretty comprehensive apps out there that’ll help clear up some of that confusion when it comes to selecting the most appropriate and best-tasting wine for you.

So, pour another glass of that rosé, chardonnay, or cabernet, and try out these wise wine apps—each is designed to help you low-key become your own sommelier.


As one of the top-rated wine apps in the app store (and a Domino editor’s top pick), Vivino pretty much has everything you could need in one app. It has you covered for discovering the best wine for your budget or taste based on its cool scanning feature: Basically, take a photo of any wine label to uncork (get it?) its average pricing, rating, reviews, and food pairing suggestions. From there, the app will make recommendations based on your taste and preferences, and create a personalized taste profile where you can learn more about the wines you love.

Or, if you’re just looking to get the best deal, it will bring you low prices with the ability to buy online, along with curated wine lists from sommeliers. You can even take a photo of the wine list while out to dinner and see ratings and reviews, making this app a surefire way to avoid splurging for the wrong glass of wine. The best part of this fan fave app? It’s free for the iPhone.


Backed by a community of top sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros, Delectable not only helps you conquer the wine aisle through a similar label scanning technology to Vivino, but it also takes it a step further, thus making the process a more social experience. With Delectable, you can choose to follow top wine experts to get their picks, as well as share recommendations with friends. You can also browse curated wine lists to find your next favorite, and buy it right from your phone to be delivered to your door.

Hello Vino

Advertised as your virtual “wine assistant,” we like the intuitive layout and design of this particular app. It lets you choose what your goal is, and then tailors its wine recommendations accordingly. Are you looking for the perfect wine to go with your meal, or the best prosecco to pop for that special occasion? Maybe you just know what you like, and want to make a selection based on taste.

No matter what your choice might be, this app lets you personalize your selection by using artificial intelligence to select top picks for you, along with food and wine pairings. And of course, it also has a wine scanner feature. (We’re starting to see a trend here.)

Winery Passport

If getting the full wine experience is your thing, Winery Passport is the wine tasting tour guide you need. Not only can you search wineries by name or region, the app will also show you wineries in your area, along with reviews and previous customers’ wish lists and tasting opportunities.

As the app’s name suggests, it works like a passport: Once you’ve visited a particular winery, you can “stamp” it off as a place you’ve been to, and then provide reviews. You can look over each particular winery’s tasting room hours, fees, and photos, as well as see how your stamps and notes compare with those others have left.


With the option of a one-hour delivery or in-store pickup, as well as the option to compare prices, Drizzly is pretty much the ultimate alcohol delivery app out there. Drinks running low at your dinner party? Need a gift to send to a friend who just got a new job? Drizzly has you covered. It’s currently available in more than 70 cities nationwide, but will ship to certain others that aren’t on the list. Honestly, the whole premise of this app is genius.

Wine Searcher

With the Wine Searcher app, you can look up a wine to find out prices, critic scores, grape and region information, available vintages, and most importantly, where to buy said wine. If you’re already in the wine aisle, you can use the Recognize Label tool to get the same information.

With this app, you can rate and review your faves, and then find the nearest store that carries the brand you desire. This app is great for those looking to stick to a certain budget, particularly, because it lets you compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal from the closest place. We also like it for its encyclopedia-like knowledge of wine-related terms, including regions and grape varieties. That’s one way to help you navigate that fancy vino jargon.

Wine Ring

This patented wine recommender uses unique technology to personalize your preferences based on what you like, don’t like, and deem as just “so-so.” It has a super sleek design that’s easy to use, and offers a simple way of liking different wine brands that’s similar to how you’d like a post on Facebook.


Not sure what your palate is? Winc will help you find out with its straightforward, easy-to-understand, six-question palate profile quiz. The rest is super simple: Just select a few bottles from Winc’s recommended list, and build an order for them to be sent to your door. You can also learn about each bottle through its own detailed wine profile.

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