Must-Have Accessories for the Wine Lover

These items will make drinking wine at home so much more enjoyable.

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There’s nothing better than relaxing at home after a long day with a glass of wine. While each glass we pour at home is always enjoyable, we often don’t take the measures needed to really max out our wine in the same way a restaurant would. Think about it, when we’re out, white wine is kept chilled table side, red wine is left out to breathe, and each type of wine has its own specific glass. While anything goes at home, it turns out there are a couple key items that can help you easily make any glass of wine sing. Take a look at the vino-enhancing products ahead, and get ready to see your next glass half full.

Rosé Wine Club Enamel Lapel Pin Flair

, A Sensible Habit, $11.99

Okay, this enamel pin doesn’t directly enhance your glass of wine, it will definitely upgrade the experience when you and your friends become official members of the rosé club.


Marble Wine Chiller, William Sonoma, $59.95

A glass of white wine or rosé is meant to be cold. Make sure your bottle of wine stays chilly and closeby with a sophisticated wine chiller.


Essence White Wine Set, Littala, $40

White wine glasses with a stem are a great way to keep your hand from warming up your drink.


Üllo Wine Purifier, Üllo, $79.99

This wine purifier filters out sulfates (artificial preservatives) from both red and white wines, leaving you with a purer wine that tastes like you just opened it on the vineyard.

Carine Stemless Red Wine Glass, Juliska, $25

Red wine is usually served in a wider glass because it gives the wine more surface area to breathe. Treat yourself to some new stemless glasses meant for red wine, so your favorite glass can taste that much better.

Champion Wine Stoppers — Trophy, Imm Living, $21.99

Only want one glass of wine from a new bottle? Don’t let the rest go to waste. Get yourself an awesome wine stopper to keep your wine fresh.


Dearborn Champagne Flutes Set of 2, Fferrone, $65

Just as red wine glasses are wide to let the air in, champagne flutes are narrow so your carbonated beverage doesn’t quickly get flat. These contemporary champagne flutes are great for both formal and casual occasions and will definitely keep your champagne on it’s A-game.


Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe, Menu, $84.99

Open a bottle of wine, place this wine breather over the bottleneck, and flip it upside down. After the wine has funneled into the carafe, flip it once more to put the wine back into the bottle. Just like that, your wine has 10 times more oxygen.