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The next best thing to a good cup of coffee? The array of chic, but necessary, accessories we can splurge on to ensure that our morning cup of joe experience is at its best. We scoured the web to unearth a few of our favorite pieces that’ll allow us to do just that. Take a look.

The Purist’s Pour, Knack, $275

Consider this an essential to the beginner’s guide to pour-over coffee. The complete set comes with a pair of matte black ceramic mugs, a precision-pour kettle, double-walled glass carafe, dripper, and a medium roast bag of whole bean coffee. 

Tall Pink Mug, Workaday Handmade, $44

Swap out your snoozy mugs in lieu of this artistic piece. Featuring a hand-thrown stone composition, it’s the only way we’ll be having our morning coffee from now on.

Coffee Grinder Mill, MoMA, $59

Featuring a hand-powered grinding mechanism, this Japanese-designed mill can be adjusted to process beans in both coarse and fine formats. Its mod glass and brass design is just an added bonus.

Ceramic French Press, Yield, $120.00

Some may swear by their French press, and with this in our hands, we would too. Featuring a matte ceramic exterior and a glossy interior, this muted blush press is both beautiful and functional. 

Clip Clip Spoon, HAY, $10

Versatility is at the forefront of the design of this piece. The mini spoon is ideal for scooping out finely ground coffee beans, while the handy clip makes it simple to reseal or bind the coffee bag.

Simple Glassware, Hawkins New York, $14

Because, even your cold brews and iced coffees deserve to be consumed in style. This minimalist collection of streamlined glassware is available in a tumbler, tall, and pitcher-sized glassware. 

Natural Horn Coffee Scoop, Redecker, $38

Who can resist a coffee scoop as beautifully crafted as this? Designed by Agner Andersen, this unique utensil is composed from natural cow horn via a Danish workshop. Its streamlined design and bold visual detail are reasons enough for the mini splurge. 

Brewer Stand Set, Kinto, $188

Can you think of a more perfect setup? A heat-resistant holder, server, and brewer sit on a sleek walnut stand, forming this streamlined set that’s good to brew. Kinto’s sleek, heat-resistant glassware comes decked with engraved dots for measuring and an understated spout for the perfect pour. 

Mara Creamer and Salt/Sugar Dish, Hawkins New York

Elevate your coffee serving situation with a touch of glam. Clad in either a copper or brass base, these hollowed marble dishes are both sleek and sophisticated. The salt/sugar dish even comes with a matching metallic spoon. 

Tosca Ceramic Canister, Yamazaki Home, $12.50

Keeping your coffee beans at their ultimate level of freshness, is of upmost importance—hence why airtight containers are equally just as essential. We’ll be springing for this understated, ceramic and wood combo. 

Smoky & Sweet Whole Bean Coffee, Food52, $24

This dark roast blend features hints of berry with smoky undertones. With a velvet-like finish and elements of caramelized sugar, this blend’s the one for those with a sweet tooth.

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