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If you’re having trouble falling asleep, maybe your mattress is to blame—the wrong one can cause all kinds of issues, from back pain to insomnia. But now, Casper’s making it easier than ever to get a great night’s sleep.

The mattress giant’s had a pretty busy year, with the release of their new premium mattress “The Wave” and a Target collab. The brand has slowly been branching away from the online-only model that initially distinguished it, and now, it’s making it official—with 15 popup brick and mortar stores across the US. While the brand still sells its products through Target, this release will give it complete control over the retail experience for the first time. CEO Philip Krim said in a press release, “Retail environments allow us to seamlessly traverse online and offline, which we believe is paramount to an exceptional customer journey.”

The stores will sell the company’s entire bedding lines, and will be in operation through Spring 2018. While the entire list of locations hasn’t been released yet, we know major metros New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are definitely included.

Now, you can finally test the brand new Wave before you shell out the almost $2,000 to take it home—and also return it in 100 days if you still aren’t satisfied.

Source: Curbed

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