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One of the most common health concerns these days is getting a good night’s sleep. Let’s be honest, trying to figure out how to fit the right amount of shut-eye into your hectic schedule (seven to nine hours per night, according to the National Sleep Foundation), and making sure you’re comfortable enough to avoid tossing and turning all night, can be complicated. “It’s well documented that sleep is an integral part of any wellness regimen, and it is fast becoming a factor in the training regimens of professional athletes,” says David Wolfe, Co-Founder and CEO of Leesa Sleep. “It’s common sense really. We all know that it’s important to get a good night’s sleep before an important life event. Whether it’s an important interview, a test, a sports event or anything that relates to human performance, a good night’s sleep and a rested mind and body is the best preparation.”


Luckily, there’s one part of the sleep equation that’s easy to get right, and it can improve all the other areas of your sleep setup too. We’re talking about your mattress, of course. That’s why disruptive online mattress start-up, LeesaSleep, created one that gives you the perfect foundation for a great night’s sleep. A Leesa mattress is complete with three foam layers for support, pressure relief, and cooling technology (not to mention—this all ships nicely in a box, and you can get $75 off with the code DOMINO). Here’s how the right mattress can upgrade your sleep game.

The Right Mattress Helps You Create a Bedtime Routine

When it comes to sleep, having a regular routine is essential, and when you love your mattress, you’re more likely to institute healthy habits like getting in bed at the same time every night. When you look forward to taking part in a nightly routine like taking a hot bath or meditating and then retreating to your comfy bed, it’s a lot easier to commit to habits that will improve your sleep quality and in turn, your overall health.

It Encourages Good Sleep Hygiene

After you’ve taken the time to invest in an amazing mattress, it’s more likely that you’ll invest in other great decor for your bedroom, too. Everyone can benefit from the good vibes that come from a well-decorated bedroom. This particular bedroom was designed by one of our favorites, Emily Henderson. Not only that, but sleep experts also say that creating a peaceful environment in the bedroom is one of the best ways to promote good sleep hygiene. That means keeping your sleep oasis neat and free from clutter can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Then, you’ll actually feel ready to wake up when your alarm goes off the next morning.

You’ll be Excited to Power Down

One of the toughest parts about getting a good night’s sleep is saying goodnight to technology well before you actually get into bed. In fact, most experts recommend switching off computers, tablets, televisions, and phones at least one full hour before you want to go to sleep. That might sound tough when you take your Instagram habit into account, but here’s the good news: When you turn your bedroom into a place you love, complete with the perfect mattress, you’ll be excited to retreat there and read a book, write in your journal, or just decompress from the day. “The sleep environment is the most important factor in getting great sleep,” says Wolfe. “This includes the time you eat, temperature of the room, the noise, the light, the presence of technology and, of course, the mattress.”

The Right Mattress Will Keep You Cool

Heat and sleep are incompatible. Not only can being too hot keep you from falling asleep, but tossing and turning during the night is actually sometimes caused by hotspots on your mattress. That’s why Leesa mattresses have a cooling layer that increases airflow to keep you sweat-free during the night.

You Can Feel Sure it’s Right for You

Buying a mattress is an investment. Period. Trying one out in a store is fine, but sticking a hand or knee on top of it isn’t really going to give you a good idea of whether or not it’s right for you in the end. In order to properly test out a mattress, you’re going to need to bring it home and sleep on it for at least a few weeks. That’s where Leesa’s 100-night trial comes in handy, so you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ve got the ideal mattress for your unique sleep needs.

It Can Help Solve Aches and Pains

Yes, really. A great mattress supports your body’s proper alignment, helping ease muscle tension that can develop throughout the day. Leesa has received thousands of customer reviews and emails saying that switching to their mattress has diminished aches and pains and completely changed lives.

A Quality Mattress Means Quality Sleep

The average person spends about a third of their life asleep—so you’re going to be spending a lot of time on whatever mattress you choose. When you think about it that way, it’s easy to see why it’s worth it to invest in quality over a quick fix. “Even if you have all environmental factors right, you still need a good mattress. Your body has to recover every night. The choice of materials is critical,” explains Wolfe.

Leesa uses the finest American-made materials that can be used to build a foam mattress at their price-point, which is quite affordable due to the fact that their direct-to-consumer business model allows them to cut out the middleman. The Leesa mattress also goes through extensive testing, and the company is constantly staying on top of the most current research in the sleep field to ensure that you’re getting the best possible night’s sleep.

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