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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle 

The shift in seasons has us reaching for the rosé at almost the same moment we reach for our sunblock. Nothing marks the beginning of summer quite like that first glass of pink wine on the terrace—and if you want to get a head start on celebrating warmer weather, we’ve got a few ideas about which bottles are worth the purchase (and potential next-day hangover).

After all, National Rosé Day is June 9 (and today happens to be National Wine Day)… and we are staunch believers of going all out for this massively important holiday. Read on for our favorite rosé wines.

Courtesy of Chateau Minuty

2017 M de Minuty Limited Edition, Chateau Minuty, $20.99

If this bottle looks like artwork, that’s because it is. This limited edition rosé bottle, available in high-end wine shops across New York, Florida, and California (most can ship nationwide) was designed by artist Ashley Mary as an ode to the winery’s home of St. Tropez. If you can’t get your hands on this particular bottle, don’t worry; the regular bottle of this delicious rosé is available to purchase everywhere. Same vibrant fruity taste, same ideal companion for your summer grilling.

Courtesy of Target

Yes Way Rosé, $12.99

Everyone’s favorite Instagrammable (and made-for-millennials) wine bottle comes courtesy of Yes Way Rosé, a lifestyle brand whose wine boasts minimalist packaging and South of France origins. Ever since Target started selling the brand back in March, this bottle has pretty much been a staple at all springtime fêtes.

Courtesy of sterling vineyards

2016 Sterling Vintner’s Collection Rosé, Sterling Vineyards, $14

One of California’s foremost vineyards, Sterling Vineyards is also the purveyor of one of our favorite US-grown rosés. This particular bottle blends floral and fruity notes and is meant to accompany any seafood dishes you plan on enjoying this summer, such as fresh oysters or scallops.

Courtesy of josh cellars

Josh Cellars Rose 2017, Josh Cellars, $13.99

Another California wine definitely worth the buy? Anything from Josh Cellars, but particularly the brand’s pink wine. It’s super light and more on the dry side—ideal for anyone trying to steer clear of sickly sweet wines (and the inevitable ensuing headache). Pair with cheeses for an outdoor picnic à la Francaise this summer.

Courtesy of Xavier Flouret 

Nationale 7 Rosé 2017, Xavier Flouret, $16.99

Perfect for an aperitif, this crisp rosé is refreshing and fruity, with notes of citrus and strawberry. If you aren’t someone who frequently says things like “notes of citrus and strawberry,” just know that it’s a perennial favorite of team Domino’s and goes well with pretty much every summer activity you might have planned. And at under $20, it’s super affordable, too.

Courtesy of Winc

Summer Water Societé, Winc, $350

Don’t balk at the price tag: $350 sounds like a lot (and it is), but this subscription actually evens out to less than $20 a bottle… plus, free delivery means no last-minute runs to the wine store. Over three months, you get the equivalent of 18 bottles of the Instagram-worthy (and delicious) “Summer Water”—including a shipment of the adorable “droplet” bottle, which is perfect for taking the party to go if you’re headed to a day on the beach or a barbecue.

Not feeling the subscription? Winc members can pick up a bottle alone for just $18.

Photography by Anna Kocharian

Summer in a Bottle, Wolffer Estate, $25

This Wolffer Estate wine delivers on its promise. We’ve yet to find a summer wine that lifts spirits in quite the same way. Whether that’s due to the scrumptious fruit notes, or the bottle that is essentially a work of art, we’re not quite sure. Either way—you’ll want to buy two.  

Courtesy of Wolffer Estate

Rosé Wine 2017, Wolffer Estate, $18

Known to sell out by September, this wine, much like its cousin Summer In A Bottle, is one of the most drinkable wines of the summer. We hear it tastes even better if you drink it outdoors, but you’ll have to test that theory and tell us…

Courtesy of E. Guigal

Côtes du Rhône Rose 2017, E. Guigal, $17.99

This extremely well-priced wine won’t break the bank, but it will keep you company on a patio during a warm summer’s evening. This medium-bodied wine is perfect for pairing with whatever you’re grilling at the moment.

Courtesy of saved wines

2017 Saved Magic Maker Rosé, Saved Wines, $12.98

This ultra-dry rosé goes well with your next backyard BBQ (but if you want to drink it on its own, we won’t tell). Both the price point and the beauty of this bottle make it a great one to bring to your hostess.   This story was originally published August 7, 2015. It has been updated with new information.

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