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Astrology is defined by Wikipedia as the “study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.”

But you know what astrology is, obviously. You read it every day, week, month. You race to AstrologyZone the first of every month to see what Susan Miller has to say. Someone can tell you what your future will look like? Sold, yes, give it to me.

“Someone is going to betray you on September 2nd.” Damnit, I bet it’s going to be Terry from accounting. Thanks for the heads up, Susan. Oh, the AstroTwins told me to “take a calculated risk today!” I’m going to get double avocado with lunch today then.

But what if you were given the chance to meet a famous astrologer? One that was so revered she became Princess Diana’s trusted predictor for daily life? Would you go? OBVIOUSLY.

Well, I got just the precise opportunity, it only took traveling to the other side of the world to The Four Seasons in Bali. And what did I learn? A lot. And what did I get? Magical goddess pills. But I’m getting ahead of myself though, let me backtrack and explain…

London-based Debbie Frank was born with a gift. The gift of reading stars, planets, and moons, and then translating that into someone’s past, present, and future. With simply my first name and exact birth date, location, and time (June 25, 8:21 am CST in Omaha) she told me who I was in a nutshell (I need solitude) what my daily life looks like now (“feminine power”) and my near and far future (I am “destined to be with a high-power person that empowers other people.” Cool, super chill, no big deal).

“Leo rising, moon in Aquarius.” “5th Dimension.” “Past lives.” “Direct access into six star.” “Timing of the cosmos.” What does it all mean!? I don’t know, but Debbie does. And she explains each little detail. “You have a T-squared. This is an extremely intense figuration, which means something dramatic and intense about your love life will happen because it’s configured with the Venus and the Moon.” (Uh, great news?)

What really struck me with Debbie is the reminder that everything is connected, each speck on that star chart affects the next speck beside it. “This is the moon in Aquarius, look at it! This is about how you see everyone is different, and each person is beautiful…” “There is a desire to control situations because Pluto is in this sector…” See, all our quirks aren’t even our fault, they were literally written in the stars for you to be this way. Try that excuse in your next disagreement or discussion at work or home.

I know what you’re thinking though, “Get to the part where she talked about Princess Diana, Kristin! Also, where is Omaha?”

Okay, and Nebraska.

“You can get on with anyone. Have friends from everywhere, all walks of life. This is the Princess Diana combination, she was the Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Aquarius. If you look at her energy, and this tremendous affinity she had with people, it’s like giving your heart to the people.” (I am Princess Diana, basically.)
Oh, the pills. She has miniature pills called “Channeled Remedies.” “No one else in the world has these. They have been channeled by the man that is my guru. And they also have some homeopathic remedies associated with the moon in them.”

According to who you are and where you are in life, there is a potential remedy that will aid you. I’m given goddess pills with channeled energies: “They are for female empowerment and to clear out any attachments.” Take one as needed for ultimate feminism, I guess. I’m also given full moon pills and eclipse pills to lessen their intensity on my moods.

DAY (Do Astrology Yourself):


If this all sounds interesting to you, Debbie suggest for everyone to start by reading about “female goddesses, and connect with their stories.” A great start point is Women Who Run With The Wolves. “This is about your power and how empowered you are.”

Watch Out

January 31, and July 11 are the next eclipses. And they are going to “ping pong your emotions. But you don’t want to be the ball anymore, you want to be in charge of the ball. You need to actually visualize yourself as a conductor in charge of your orchestra.”


Debbie recommends that you should trust and surrender in the universe. “Write notes to your spirit guides and put them under your pillow at night and ask for what you want in the world. Write it down and be specific. ‘Dear spiritual team, please take away my desire to control, and bring to me please __.’ And say it out loud. It connects you very directly to spirit and helps you surrender, and you’ll see that they can bring it to you. It really does work. You can ask them ‘take away my fear’ and you’ll wake up in the morning, and sense your vibration has changed. But you really have to connect with this energy and believe it.”

And, of course, if your interest is really piqued, you can read Debbie’s weekly horoscopes on her site, and she’s available for private consultations, even via email.

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