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The stars are aligned! In just a few days, we’ll be witnessing a once in a lifetime inter-planetary moment: a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21.

“What makes the total eclipse so special is that it will cross the entire continental United States of America from coast to coast,” says Eddie Mahoney, Director of Astronomy, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. “This has not happened in 99 years.” And the next total eclipse won’t be visible in the US until 2024.

In preparing for this special event, we gathered spiritual leaders, an astronomer, and a crystal expert to tell us how we can prepare our minds and bodies for August 21, and what we’ll need to do afterward.

What to do before August 21

In short, now is the time to go all in and embrace crystals, essential oils, and meditation. Feel the ommmm.

Expect the unexpected

“The energy around eclipses tends towards chaotic if not outright looney tunes,” says Kelly Morris, Sacred Feminine meditation teacher. “They upend the usual order of things, shaking the ground beneath us. The energy will be intense, swift, and purgative as our energetic debris begins to shift and shake out. If the energy of an eclipse is approached with a clean and open heart, illumination, opportunities, and shifts follow.”

She suggests making your days as simply as possible. “Stop socializing, cut out stimulants, and double up on your meditation practice. To truly utilize the energy of this eclipse, make every effort to say adios to negativity and embrace positivity.”

Work with your emotions

“We can’t control our emotions, and we need to be able to witness that the moon has a powerful effect on our emotions,” says Biet Simkin, meditation expert and 1 Hotels meditation leader. “As a spiritual teacher, I have found what works best is not judging emotions, but rather being playful with them. If rage happens, let it flow through your body. Go somewhere in a quiet and private place and dance hard, hit pillows, scream! Let it out in a holy way so you won’t yell at your partner or your friends.”

“Currently I have sage, palo santo, and/or copal burning nonstop,” says Morgan Rose, yoga and meditation expert. “For me, these are tools to get grounded, feel steady, and cleanse. I find it really important to be in the bath a lot—cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. And the best thing I can do for myself is take time to notice the world around me, and the beauty and mystery of it all. Taking walks, sitting in the garden, watching the sunrise, the sunset, the way the sun filters through the leaves. Pausing there to just sip it in it. It’s healing and reminds us of how precious life is.”

Use crystals to your advantage

“The energy of eclipses can be chaotic and unsettling, you want to ground, calm and prepare yourself for change,” said Kristin Petrovich, author of Elemental Energy. “As we are able to feel effects before they happen, I would suggest trying appropriate or relatable stones prior to, as well as during, the eclipse.”  

Here are a few suggested stones (make certain to cleanse and program each stone, this is a helpful guide):

For Grounding:

Smoky quartz: Grounding, energizing and protects against radiation. This can be used on the body (pocket, bra, laying on true body), in a bath, by your desk or home.

For Calming:

Rose quartz: For self love, calming and fear—can be used anywhere around you or on your work, home, bedroom, etc. Relaxing tip: Try taking a rose quartz bath with Himalayan or sea salt (with rose essential oil or another calming one, such as lavender or chamomile).

Aqua Marine: Excellent for the throat chakra or communication. Try as a necklace (close to throat) or in breast pocket.

Preparing for Change:

Amethyst: A spiritual stone associated with the brow chakra or third eye, excellent for change, balance and healing. A great all-around stone. Try on third eye, bath, work, home or as a drinkable elixir.   
Moonstone: Works with behavior and assists with spiritual growth and letting go. Try wearing or sleeping with moonstone.

What to do and expect on Eclipse Day, August 21

“If you are fortunate enough to be in the path of totality, you will see the shadow of the moon approaching like a dark fog,” says Mahoney. “As twilight rapidly approaches, the stars and brighter planets like Venus, Jupiter, and Mars come into view.” You’ll get to witness a truly awesome phenomenon: During the two minutes of totality, the only part of the sun visible is the corona that appears like a glorious crown around the sun.

But whatever you do, your safety is the number one priority. That means no DIYs when it comes to viewfinders. “The only safe way to directly view the partial phases of a solar eclipse is with specially designed eclipse glasses,” says Mahoney. “You can view the totally eclipsed sun without damaging your vision. If you are unable to obtain eclipse glasses, the best way to enjoy the experience is online, NASA will be chasing the shadow of the moon with supersonic jets and other land and space based platforms.”

What to expect when it’s over

“After the eclipse, see how you are feeling and what your needs are,” says Petrovich. “I would suggest continuing with grounding and calming, making certain you are centered and calm.” She recommends to keep utilizing the stones suggested above for calming.

If you’re inner astrologer has been ignited, there are hobbies for that. “I recommend that people find out when and where their local astronomy clubs have Star Parties,” says Mahoney. “There are exciting events happening all the time in the sky (like meteor showers: The Draconids peak October 7 to 9; The Orionids are visible October 20 to 23; The Leonids are best seen November 16 to 18, and the Geminids light up the sky from December 12 to 14). Of course, if you’re visiting Maui, come to the Hyatt Regency Maui’s Tour of the Stars!”

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