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From mantras to meditation, New Age wisdom is everywhere these days. One metaphysical trend that’s now mainstream is collecting crystals—those beautiful, sparkly gemstones you see in windows of palm readers’ shops and around the necks of yogis.

Proponents believe they emit certain energy and vibrations that have the power to change how you feel, mentally and physically (although the claims are not backed by scientific studies—yet). “Crystals, like all things found in nature, have measurable energy frequencies that can impact our own,” explains Krista Mitchell, author of Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck. “Just as the sun’s rays of light can affect our bodies, minds, and feelings, so can the vibrations of the energy emitted by a crystal.”

Bringing them into your home can help harness their healing energy. “By strategically placing crystals in your rooms, you can consciously create environments that feel healing, soothing, revitalizing, abundant, and inspiring,” Mitchell says. “Crystals also help clear disharmonious or negative energy, creating more space for good energy to flow.” And who couldn’t use more of that?

Since different crystals have different properties, some are better suited for certain rooms than others. Whether you’re just getting started with crystals or you’ve already amassed a collection, read on for expert advice to maximize the power of the gorgeous gems in all areas of your home.

Best for a Beginner: Clear Quartz

Most experts we spoke to recommended going with a clear quartz for your first crystal. “It is a great all-around crystal that embodies the healing properties of many,” says Kalisa Augustine, a Brooklyn-based energy healer. “It absorbs, releases, and regulates energy and is great for removing blocks.”

Overall, simply go for a stone you vibe with, explains Patricia Bankins, founder of The Crystal Matrix Healing & Learning Center. “Find a stone that makes you feel good. It’s as simple as that.”

Just don’t order one online. You want to shop for crystals in person so you can feel what you’re drawn to, says Luke Simon, a healer at Maha Rose in Brooklyn. (Metaphysical bookstores, healing centers, or mineral crystal shops are good places to start.) Touching the crystals help you connect with the energy the stone’s giving off, which you can’t sense through a screen.

Best for the Entryway: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, or Amethyst

Opt for black tourmaline, which is a very protective stone, says Crystal Jones, an Atlanta-based spiritual guide and consultant. Simon likes it for its grounding qualities, calling it the “ghostbusters’” stone for its ability to quell bad vibes. It also helps demarcate the outside from the inside, he explains.

Or you could go for a smoky quartz, “a grounding and anchoring stone that dispels stress,” Augustine says. An amethyst geode would work also well in your foyer, Bankins suggests. “It can not only provide the person entering a sense of calm, but can also help collect any negative or anxious energy the person may be bringing from a hectic day.”

Best for the Office: Pyrite, Citrine, or Optical Calcite

Prep your workspace for success with pyrite, a stone that feeds the qualities of ambition, commitment, and persistence, Augustine says. “It allows you to access your inner warrior.” Another great option for your desk would be optical calcite, which “helps you see the root of issues internally or externally and helps clear self-imposed limitations.” Citrine is also good for concentration before a big assignment, Bankins says.

Best for the Bedroom: Rose Quartz or Amethyst

If you’re a restless sleeper, amethyst is a good bet, since the calming stone is a powerful sleep aid, according to Jones and Bankins. (But beware: It can also suppress the libido, so consider what you’re looking for in the bedroom, Bankins says.)

Rose Quartz is also a good choice. “Rose quartz heals and works with the heart chakra,” Augustine explains. “Since the bedroom is used for intimate time with romantic partners, vibe with a rose quartz to promote loving energies.”

Best for the Bathroom: Celestite, Blue Calcite, or Citrine

In the room where you go to get clean, try placing a purifying stone like celestite, Augustine says. “This crystal is imbued with divine vibrations and helps you connect to higher, spiritual realms, almost as if you could fly with angels when you hold it. It promotes purity of the heart, enlightenment, good luck, and even peaceful negotiation.”

Mitchell recommends blue calcite, blue agate, or moonstone for a more soothing, spa-like atmosphere; or citrine, clear quartz or green aventurine for more of a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Best for the Living Room: Turquoise, Citrine, Green Calcite, or Amethyst

Turquoise, considered a master stone, is a beautiful choice for the living area, Jones says. And no one can deny it makes for an eye-catching conversation starter sitting on the coffee table. Otherwise, try citrine if you want to bring more positivity and fun into your living space, or green calcite for love, harmony, and good vibes, Mitchell suggests.

If your house is more on the chaotic side, amethyst geodes would help keep your living area calm, Bankins says.

Best for the Kitchen: Lapis Lazuli, Bloodstone, Hematite, and More

The kitchen often becomes the main gathering space in a home, and there are a ton of crystals that would be right for this space. Go with a stunning blue Lapis Lazuli crystal to promote bonding, suggests Jones. Other options include bloodstone for abundance, health, vitality, and good digestion; apatite crystals for suppressing the appetite; or citrine for activating the appetite (your choice!). You can also try hematite, which promotes cheer, optimism, and faith in the future, Augustine says. After all, when people are hanging out in your home, you want them to feel happy and excited about life.