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Making a statement is as easy as flipping a switch—literally. Neon signs are having a moment in the design world, but sometimes, these trendy pieces can be a bit too bright.

If you’re looking for a small pop of color—but are afraid of overwhelming the look of your room—check out these 12 options. They’re a good way to give your space a boost, without going overboard.

Heart LED Wall Light, Urban Outfitters, $79

Add a whimsical sensation to your room with this misshaped heart. It’s an ideal decoration to place over your desk for extra light, and a surefire way to prove you’re passionate about your interests.

Oliver Gal Artist Co. ‘Love Infinity’ Neon Sign, $298

The Beatles said it first—“All you need is love.” Like Lennon and McCartney’s song, this handcrafted, 22-inch piece proves that emotion is everything.

NeonArtShop Neon Sign BULB, Etsy, $389.96

Well, you needed a light in the living room anyway, right? This ode to Thomas Edison—available in a range of colors, from red to blue—is a funky way to give your paintings a run for their money.

Marcus Conrad Poston Good Vibes Only Mounted Neon Sign, $1,100 

This addition to your home will make it clear to guests that negativity is unwelcome. The 24-inch sign’s loose script and millennial pink combo is a subtle way to spread those good vibes. Plus, it comes with a dimmer that allows you to control its brightness.

Loves Neon White Sign by Fred Segal, CB2, $299

Whoever said hearts have to be pink? This CB2 exclusive, designed by Fred Segal, gives a different take on love. Add it to a dark wall for a bold effect, or pair it with white for a serene aesthetic.

Pillowfort Lightning Bolt Neon LED Sign, Target, $27.99 

Unleash your inner Wonder Woman with a small, 17-inch lightning bolt that Princess Diana of Themyscira definitely thinks you should purchase. What better way to promote girl power?

Oliver Gal Moon and Stars Neon Sign, Wayfair, $269.99

This sign takes the nightlight to a whole new level—the crescent-and-stars combo sports a white hue that looks just like the moon. So, once you flip the switch, it’ll be time to say “good night.”

We All Need Somebody to Neon Light in Pineapple, Mod Cloth, $39

It’s time to get tropical with this pineapple light. The best part is, you can get the neon look without the commitment—it’s a lamp that can easily fit on a nightstand one moment, or a bookshelf the next. No need to write anything in stone.

Bouche Table Lights in Neon Glass & Wood by Seletti, Burke Decor, $214

If you’re truly nervous about hanging a neon sign, these bottles will not only give you flexibility when decorating, but they’ll also provide a satisfying pop of color that won’t leave you reaching for your Ray-Bans.

Oliver Gal LA Neon Sign, Wayfair, $279.99

Give a shout out to your hometown with this 10-inch sign that will upgrade the vintage city maps currently hanging on your wall.

Siletti Shades—Pink, Domino, $144.99

This 13-inch sign will have you thinking pink. The playful font is a throwback to the ‘50s, and there’s no doubt Sandy and Danny would approve—especially when paired with a dark wall.

Casetify Neon Flamingo iPhone Case, Domino, $40

A phone case gives you the opportunity to take this trend on the go, and it also leaves your walls completely sign-free if you’re still iffy about the look.

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