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Photography by Joaquin Trujillo

With fires ravaging the West Coast and smoke reaching as far as Washington, D.C., the air quality in our homes is more important than ever before. One easy way to take action? Buy a humidifier. 

It’s common knowledge that a humidifier can improve general health as the weather cools, combating dry eyes, skin, and nasal passages. But a lesser known fact is that the device can help keep you safe when your area’s air quality is less than ideal. Increasing the moisture in your house allows you to breathe easier, which is especially important when smoky skies affect those with asthma or common colds. 

Appliances photo
Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by Pure Enrichment, Amazon ($40)

It turns out Amazon shoppers are one step ahead, already adding Ultrasonic’s cool-mist humidifier to their wish lists in droves. With an optional night-light, automatic shut-off, and adjustable mist frequencies, we can understand why. The only drawback? Its bright blue body leaves much to be desired on the aesthetic front. 

Luckily the humidifier market is alive and well, so we rounded up four chic options that will not only improve your breathing but blend into your home seamlessly. Honeywell’s is sleek and ultra-quiet, but the aromatherapy tray for essential oils is the game changer. Huumi’s mini version is ideal for small spaces, while West Elm’s futuristic, cube-like design has a window to highlight water levels. If your style leans more natural, though, opt for Objecto’s treelike choice, crafted of polycarbonate that mimics wood. 

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