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We’re always here for a DIY, especially one that results in a decorative accent piece—as well as one that doesn’t break the bank. And regardless of where you fall on the DIY-pro scale, we’re sure that there is a project out there you can easily tackle. The theme here? Silicone molds: a surprisingly versatile tool which allows you to craft with materials ranging from putty to edibles, and everything else in between. Read on to see the colorfully-charged DIYs we’ll be making this weekend.

Plaster gem photo holders

Impart your desktop with a bold pop of color, courtesy of this easy DIY. Use the geode-shaped molds and craft painted-plaster to recreate these colorful gems that double as mini-snapshot holders.

Get the how-to on A Kalio Chic Life.

cereal pops

Pair your favorite cereal with a bit of milk and ice cream (naturally) and freeze! That’s our idea of a good breakfast.

Get the how-to on Paper & Stitch.

candy donuts

Recreate these mini candy donuts with silicone donut molds and chocolate or butterscotch candy melts.

Get the how-to on Paper & Stitch.

fruit magnets

Add a touch of summer to the fridge with these vibrantly colorful magnets.

Get the how-to on Homey Oh My.

bath fizzies

When paired with water, the citric acid and baking soda combo that make up these fizzies create bubbles in the bath!

Get the how-to on MarthaStewart.com.

lip magnets

Add a pop of color to wall art displays and desk side memos with these cheeky magnets.

Get the how-to on The Crafted Life.

chocolate tennis rackets and tennis balls

Serve these sweet treats up (we couldn’t help it) at your next brunch or cocktail party with a side of bubbly.

Get the how-to on Paper & Stitch.

diy lollipops

Crush up Jolly Ranchers and bake in silicone molds until the candy has melted into a delicious lollipop form!

Get the how-to on Paper & Stitch.

a death star planter

Star Wars fans rejoice! Here’s your chance to bring in a piece of the galaxy into your home.

Get the how-to on Buzzfeed.

birthday cake jello shots

These boozy jello shots contain a milky base and a whipped cream garnish with some sprinkles!

Get the how-to on A Beautiful Mess.


A teeny version of the very adorable children’s toy you can make at home!

Get the how-to on Natalme.

glitter rings

Resin and glitter come together to create this ultra playful statement jewelry.

Get the how-to on The Crafted Life.

melted chocolates 

Chocolate becomes art with these edible gold foil topped pyramids!

Get the how-to on The Crafted Life.

cement letter holder

There’s a new way to display those polaroids with a simple DIY featuring quick dry cement and a pop of neon. Bonus points for witty phrases!

Get the how-to on I Spy DIY.

tequila-spiked mango popsicles with chile

A summer-friendly alternative to the cocktail – these refreshing popsicles feature a deliciously spicy kick.

Get the how-to on Honestly Yum.

concrete copper heart candles

These two-toned copper votives will make the perfect addition to the coffee table or outdoor setup.

Get the how-to on I Spy DIY.

cement dominoes

Game night just got a whole lot better with these ultra cute dominoes crafted with quick-dry cement and paint!

Get the how-to on Lovely Indeed.

This story was originally published on April 12, 2016, it has been updated with new information.

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